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British call them “puggy”, Canadians prefer “pokies,” and they are known as “fruit games” in Australia: every country has them, and everybody loves to play them – welcome to the exciting world of slot machines. They are quite simple machines actually; at least in the past. Pull a lever, watch the reels turn and wait for identical symbols land next to each other – simple enough, yet attractive and fun. Slot machines still work under the same principle; but nowadays we have many options regards to themes, rules and betting levels. This is due to the improved technology: machines that were formerly manufactured using real cogs now work with digital displays and computer codes. This allows almost any desired theme to be used and visually offers an infinite number of options. In other words, it is a good time to be a player.

You can thank IGT for all these developments: about 60 years ago, they were the first company to produce video slot machines. For online slot games, we need to thank Microgaming. In the 90’s, they developed the world’s first online casino and the first online slot game together. Over the course of the past 25 years, online slots have improved a lot and their numbers have increased unbelievably. Today, there are thousands of online slot games you can play on the internet, each one appealing to a different player type. Do you like simple games that use old fashioned fruit symbols? Or do you prefer 3D slots with advanced graphics and numerous bonus features? Whatever option you choose, there is definitely a game for you. But more importantly, each of these games offers you the opportunity to play with real money and earn real profits. And you do not have to be a professional player for this: the chance to win is the same for a professional player and a first-timer. In other words, you do not need anything but luck. Online slot machines offer you the opportunity to have fun and become rich, wherever you are in the world.

Of course, it is possible to make more conscious choices and increase your chances of winning by paying attention to certain issues. And if you choose the right casino, you can get numerous advantages, such as free money to play games in your account. In this article, we’ll cover these topics: what should you look for when choosing slots and casinos? How do you increase your chances of earning money? Let’s get started.

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How to Find the Best Online Slots?

Probably the most important thing to look for is the payback value. This is also known as RTP (return to player) ratio. The RTP value is a number that indicates how much of the money you invest can be recovered in the long run. As you can imagine, that this value is high – the higher it is, the less your losses will be. Let’s give an example: an RTP rate of 94% indicates that you can recover $ 94 of every $ 100 you spend in the long run. This is not about your chances of winning: only the casino authorities know what the odds of winning a game are. However, choosing games with high RTP values means that you won’t lose too much and for the same reason, you can play for a longer time. In general, you should choose games with an RTP value of over 95%. You can see this percentage in the paytable of the games. Online slot players are advantageous in this regard. While the payback values ​​of land-based machines are 75% and above, online slot games use an RTP that is over 94%, minimum. In other words, it is more logical to choose online slot machines.

Another important thing you need to do is practice. As we mentioned above, the main rules are same for every slot game out there. However, almost all of them offer a slightly different ruleset – bonus symbols, bonus rounds, reel features are not the same. You need to practice for free before choosing a game, and after that, you need to keep practicing to understand it. The more knowledgeable you are, the greater your chances of winning. In short, instead of searching for the best slots, you need to look for the games that are best suited to your budget and your playstyle. Here is a professional advice: games with much advertising are usually the ones with the lowest chances of winning. As a matter of fact, professional players prefer machines that pay little but consistently. Because this is more profitable in the long run.

How to Win Real Money by Playing Slots?

The system is very simple: you find a casino, deposit some money to your account by credit card, prepaid card and/or bank transfer, and withdraw your profits by using the same methods. However, finding the “best” online casino is not that easy: you need to look for a lot of things, such as the casino’s level of security, the variety of games it offers and the quality of its customer service. In this regard, bonuses are important too: almost all online casinos offer a bonus for their customers, whether they are new or old. You can get hundreds of free spins in a slot game just by being a member – advantages like this will give you an edge.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a UK slots player or from any other country in the world: rules are the same everywhere. Your main goal is to land the same symbols (usually 3 of them) together on a pay line. This is a real line, which connects two sides of the reels. Classic games usually have one, video slot machines can have up to 1.024. As a general rule, more lines mean more possibilities to create winning combinations, but they also mean that even the minimum bet will be high. This is the first thing you need to know: you place the bet per line, not per spin. Let’s say the minimum accepted bet is 1.00 coin, but there are 20 lines. This means the minimum bet level is 20.00 coins for that game, not 1.00. If you are playing on a budget, watch out for this, or you can blow all of your money with one spin.

Types of Slot Games

There are many types of slot games to choose from. The most known of these are:

  • Video Slots: The most common type. There are literally thousands of games you can play, each one offering a different theme and bonus features. Look for high RTP values as we mentioned above, instead of shiny graphics. As a general rule, video slots with lots of bonus symbols and bonus rounds are the best ones to play, because of the higher odds of winning. However, the cost to play (minimum bet level) also rises with every “extra” feature – choose according to your budget. Sometimes, simple games may be the best choice in terms of price/performance.
  • Mobile Slots: Same as the video slots, but these ones can be played on mobile devices and optimized for touch-based controls. You can use your mobile phone and tablet PCs to play them. Usually, there is a separate app you need to install beforehand but you can visit the mobile version of the casino’s website too.
  • 3D Slots: In terms of winning odds and gameplay, these are not different from the video slot machines. But their graphic quality is unbelievably high. Some can compete with the most advanced computer games. They are larger in size and more suitable for playing on desktop computers. Because most mobile devices are insufficient for the graphics quality of these games.

Play Slots, Win Real Money!

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