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There are two important months for slot game fans: February and October. In February, a trade show named ICE is held in Europe. In this fair, all the prestigious slot game developers promote the new titles they plan to publish that year. There is also a G2E fair in October. It is held in Las Vegas and we get to see what slots we are going to play during the holiday season, and we also get tips about the new titles to be released in 2018. There is still time for the G2E fair, but the ICE Fair has already been arranged. As every year, the developer companies introduced their new collections and gave information about the games to be published throughout the year and the new technologies planned to be used. Let's take a closer look at the new slots this year that companies already published and planning to publish: Here are new online slots 2018.

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Netent Slots

Netent New Slots 2017Netent made a pretty quick start to 2018. Visitors of their stand had the opportunity to try out a Virtual Reality slot machine, which was produced as a proof-of-concept. Adapting the popular title “Gonzo’s Quest” to the VR platform, Netent also produced the prototype of the first slot game to be played with virtual reality glasses. This is a very impressive experience: The graphics of the game are extremely advanced and the controls are pretty easy. $ 99 glasses and a new generation of mobile phones are used to play the game, so you do not need expensive devices and a computer. By the end of 2017, Netent announced that it will release both the prototype and a few more games on the VR platform. The company also plans to adapt its entire game collection to the VR platform in 2018.

Netent has also developed a new award system called “Live Awards”, which allows online casinos to distribute gifts to their members in real time. In other words, instant promotions can be organized and implemented within minutes.

If we look at the new titles, the Planet of Apes license comes first. This game, which will be adapted from the Hollywood movie of the same name, will likely be released at the same time as the movie. Some of the other notable Netent titles are the official Emoji slot game, Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist, Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild, Fairytale Legends and Copy Cats. Apparently, the company will focus on slot machines adapted from Hollywood movies throughout this year. As always, you will be able to play all Netent game collection with your mobile devices too.

Microgaming Slots

Microgaming New Slots 2017Netent is not the only company that has invested in virtual reality technology: Microgaming is also working on this. The world’s first VR slot game may have been developed by Netent, but Microgaming has also developed the first virtual reality roulette game. Simply called VR Roulette, this game requires the Oculus Rift DK 2 headset to work. In other words, compared to Netenet, you need to make a higher initial investment. But it’s worth it: The graphics quality is amazing, and you can control the game using your hands. (Netent requires the use of a separate control device). The company plans to release all types of card games using VR technology by the end of 2017. Microgaming is likely to revolutionize virtual poker games in particular.

That’s not all: Microgaming has also introduced 3 new slots. Jurassic World slot, Phantom of the Opera slot and Castle Builder II: All of these titles contain very innovative features. The first two are based on Hollywood movies of the same name, and the last one is quite an unusual experience. Developed jointly with Rabcat, Castle Builder II brings real-time strategy games and slot games together. As you turn the reels, you also build and manage a medieval city. Castle Builder II, which includes 15 different kingdoms, 75 castles, and more than 300 characters, is developed separately for mobile operating systems. The Hot as Hades game, which was introduced during the ICE fair, was released a few months ago and was able to attract a lot of attention.

Playtech Slots

PlayTech New Slots 20172018 is a very productive year for Playtech. The company, which opened a new office in Romania, renewed its supplier deal with the Rank Group and acquired an exclusive Warner Bros. license. Unlike other companies, Playtech invests in new games rather than new technologies. It already released dozens of new titles in the first months of 2018. Flagship Grand Royale, American Dad slot, Space Invaders, Green Lantern and Superman II are the most striking titles among these games. Because of the license agreement with Marvel Studios, Playtech was already offering a rich collection of super hero-themed games. But it suddenly became the biggest brand in the sector thanks to the Warner Bros license deal: They can also use all the DC Comics heroes too from now on. In this regard; Batman vs. Superman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League slot games will be released in 2018. In other words, if you like to see superheroes in slot games, Playtech will still be your favorite company. Playtech, which also opened a new land-based casino in Czechoslovakia, is considered to be Europe’s biggest game developer.

Novomatic Slots

Novomatic New Slots 2017Australian gaming giant Novomatic introduced mostly land-based casino games and technologies at the ICE show this year. Among them, “360 ° gaming experience” technology comes first. The slot cabins with this technology are equipped with curved screens of 65 inches. So everywhere you turn your head, you can see the screen. Introduced as VR technology without glasses, this setup offers a very different experience. Since there is also a powerful sound system in the cabin, you really feel like you are in the game.

Novomatic’s new online games are being developed by its sub-brands. While Novomatic seems to be concentrating on land-based casinos, it plans to leave online games to its own studios such as LÖWEN Entertainment, Crown Technologies and AbZorba Games it seems. Since Novomatic is the only developer company with the Batman license, they plan to release many games using this superhero as the main theme in 2017.

Scientific Games

SG owns and operates industry-leading brands such as Bally and WMS Studios and has plans to focus on bingo and lottery games in 2018. Providing information on Remote Game Server technologies in ICE fair, Scientific Games is designing new systems that make online casino administration easier and more practical. The new slot games it plans to release include: World of Wonka, Cirque Du Soleil Kooz, The Simpsons, The Godfather, and Spider-Man. SG also develops two new card games called DJ Wild and EZ Baccarat. Developing iView class slot cabinets, Scientific Games uses OLED displays in these booths up to 40 inches in size and offers a highly satisfactory visual experience. In this regard, SG continues to be one of the largest land-based casino game and cabin developers the industry.

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