Progressive Slots

From the origin of slot games, which dates back in 1891, slots are known to have the fixed prices won according to the matching of symbols. The regular jackpot is always that highest payout when one combines the same most payable five icons on an active payline. However, it wasn’t long until the industry came up with a non-fixed price in the late 90’s, and titled such machines “Progressive Slots”.

Progressive slot games look just the same as regular machines and are usually equipped with the same features such as bonus games, free spins, multipliers, scatters, and wilds. But, if you take a look at the top side of the screen, you can see a shifting and growing sum, or sometimes even more than one. All who play such slot at the moment are taking part in something that can be even called a competition for the price. This is because all the current players are contributing to the pot, yet only one wins it and takes the whole sum accumulated at that moment.

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Is There a Way to Increase Progressive Winning Odds?

There are numerous ways to get progressive payments, and you must find the right vendor and the right game to see what suits you the best. If you like RTG, we can recommend their Cleopatra’s Gold slot which is randomly activated after a finished spin. Progressive wins are added to the regular ones.

On the other hand, WMS provided The Wizard of Oz, which also falls under the category of Slots With Bonuses. Winning the progressive pot here depends on the bonus round. A player must trigger Wizard Bonus and reveal the faces of all four characters to gain the price.

With that being said, there is no a certain strategy which player prefer; luck is indeed the most important factor. However, knowing these rules is comprehensive in the progressive slot gameplay:

EGT is perhaps the only manufacturer which offers only progressive gameplay. If you don’t know where to look for to get a variety of different themes and stories, but with a progressive price, try searching for their products.

Before starting play slots for real money, try such slots for free to practice. They require no download or registration!

If you are asking yourself what is happening after a jackpot is won, know that the price is getting back to its starting value and starts accumulating all over again.

The odds of winning are always the same and are not dependent on some parameters such as the frequency of your play, week days, previous wins, etc.

Is Every Player Eligible for Progressive Jackpot?

To start with, there is no a real point in playing free progressive slots other than a trial or simple fun, because it cannot qualify you for the real price. Hence, for gaining it in the first place, you must deposit real money and connect the wanted payment method given by an online casino. The way that these prices are won highly differs based on machines you are playing. If we take a look at EGT products, they give four different jackpot options represented as card suits, and it is up to a player to win the bonus game in order to earn one of them. This qualifies all players who are currently spinning a certain progressive online slot, no matter if one user is, for example, from the UK and the other one from India.

Sometimes, these bonus modes include matching different signs, and sometimes, the price can be won only randomly. The biggest question here is, is it true that only the maximum bet qualifies for the jackpot?

Numerous vendors state that all stakes are eligible for a progressive payout, but experts seem to not agree on this. The history of progressive machines showed that mostly those who choose to stake the maximum possible amount are the ones who obtain the great price. Nonetheless, every time you play such pokie, about 1% of your stake size is contributing to the big pot.