Remember the Moneybookers brand? Founded in 2001, this company was sold for € 105 million in 2007 and was re-launched in 2011 with the name “Skrill”. The current owner of the brand is CVC Capital Partners, but this may change soon: Their biggest rival Neteller has been struggling for a long time to buy Skrill. Until then, however, Skrill will continue to serve approximately 120,000 users and with an average annual transaction volume of $ 330 million.

Skrill (SKR for short) is an electronic payment solution that works over the internet, like PayPal. In other words, you add a financial source (bank account, credit card, etc.) to the system and then make all your payments with a single username and password. Likewise, it is also possible to accept payments. PayPal is still the biggest name in this industry, but Skrill is also in the top three. Under the company group, there are other brands that are familiar: Ukash and PaySafeCard are also owned by the SKR group. As with most other electronic wallet solutions, it’s possible to get a prepaid card too. You can use this card as a regular ATM card, so you can shop at physical stores or withdraw money. Although the SKR service can be used on hundreds of websites, prepaid cards are used everywhere (as they use the MasterCard infrastructure). The only disadvantage of the SKR is that it supports only 4 currencies: PLN, EUR, USD, and GBP. Moreover, you cannot change the currency of your choice later. But apart from this disadvantage, Skrill stands out as a reliable and prestigious option among electronic wallet solutions.

Skrill Slots and Other Casino Games

Compared to PayPal, SKR is a much better option for online gambling. Because it especially invests in this sector and supported by more online casinos as a result. As a matter of fact, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) has designated Skrill as the sole payment method for internet gambling. In other words, you cannot use another electronic wallet service in a casino that is located in the New Jersey jurisdiction. Unlike PayPal, Skrill is much closer to the world of online gambling and is therefore preferred. In other words, there are more options to play Skrill online slots and other casino games.

The system’s operation is quite simple: you have to choose SKR as your payment method from your own account page. Once you have decided on the amount of money you want to deposit, you can pay using the MoneyBookers infrastructure. The online casino does not record any phase of the transaction. This is a very reliable method of payment: You do not have to share your credit card or any other financial information. Since you give the final authorization via Skrill, it is possible to control every phase of the process. Though much lower than traditional methods like the bank transfers, it also has some commission fees. You can see them in the table below:

Commission Fees
Sending Money to a Casino %1.9 (max 66 USD)
Withdrawing Money from a Casino Free

In addition, if currency exchange is needed, the system applies a fee of %3.99. If you don’t use your account for more than a year, a monthly fee of 3.00 USD is also applied.

What Are the Advantages of Using Skrill in Casinos?

Truth be told, it can be quite nerve wrecking to open up a Skrill Account and have it operate. Why? The process not only involves creating an account with the e-wallet but also requires a complete verification procedure including proof of your identify and physical address. The verification process only pops up after you have hit a certain transaction limit and it is wise to have a scan of your Identity Card/Passport/Driver’s License (whichever is convenient) and a bank or utility statement to verify your identity and actual location. Once this is over and done with, you will discover that while using SKR, you can get many advantages in a casino. Here are some of them:

  • It is safer because no information is shared with the online casino. Your credit card information is never stored in the casino system.
  • The process is fast and results in a few seconds. (In rare cases it can take up to 3 days.)
  • You can withdraw directly to your debit card and use it on ATMs.
  • It is also possible to deposit money in your SKR account using ATMs. In this regard, it is an anonymous solution.
  • Because it is a popular payment method in the online casino industry, you are less likely to have problems. It is therefore a good idea to bank on the Skrill payment platform whenever you want to make instantaneous deposits onto a casino game or sportsbook in times when renewing your gambling account slipped past your mind.
  • You can find many bonus offers specific to this payment method. And as the audacious gambler you truly are, it is close to impossible for you to pass on the opportunity to swipe up some free cash! Besides, they do come in handy when aiming for the jackpot prize at any slot or popular casino game.

Problems of payment (and withdrawal) come at the top of the topics where the players experience the most difficulties. Thanks to SKR, it is possible to minimize these problems.

Get Spoilt for Choice – With Numerous Skrill Bonuses & Promotions

If there is one thing known to keep the gaming fire burning at an online gambling site, it is the bonus promotions available. Now that Skrill rewards you for using their services, your plethora of offers and promotions just hit the roof. Speaking of numerous bonuses, let us look at some of the cash prizes you can garner by simply opting to settle for Skrill as your number one payment choice at an online casino.

No Deposit Offers

Rewards that do not tie down a player to depositing cash into their casino account are very popular in the gambling scene. It is therefore not surprising that some Skrill casinos attach freebies for simply using the Skrill eWallet. From the term, ‘free spins’ I bet you have already figured out that this reward is exclusive to slot machines. If slot games are not your cup of tea, do not get all sulky, some Skrill casinos offer no deposit bonuses in form of cash. Therefore, you can garner real cash for nothing at your favorite table game.

Deposit Offers

As much as you are required to deposit some cash into your gambling account before, you can get your hands on this goody, deposit offers are much more rewarding paralleled to the no deposit promotions. Why? Compared to the no deposit offers where the highest amount you can garner is $50, this promotion can earn you up to $1,000. For instance, Guts Casino, a Skrill gambling site, offers its new players up to £300. And that’s not all, you get to enjoy 100 free spins on selected slot machines.


While gaming at your favorite Skrill casino, losing is the last thing you want to encounter. But let’s face it, losing while gambling is inevitable. In a bid to help you get over your losses, some SKR casinos have a unique promotion that is run by the cash that runs down the drain. Speaking hypothetically, if a site offers a 15% cashback monthly, the casino will hand over 15% of all your losses during that month. To spice things up, the cashback comes in the form of cash and unlike deposit and no deposit offers; it is not subject to play through requirements.

Skrill-Powered Casinos: How to Find and Use Them

Unlike other electronic wallet methods, Skrill announces the list of casinos it works with on its website. It is not “shy” in this regard, and is aware that the service it offers is used for online gambling. For this reason, it doesn’t pretend like online gamblers do not exist, but rather try to win them. For the same reason, casinos are encouraged to promote the brand. At the bottom of almost every casino home page, you can see the “Skrill” logo. This logo means that you can use SKR on that website.

After that, all you have to do is choose Skrill from the options offered to you when you will make a payment. Once you have deposited money to your account, you can start enjoying hundreds of different casino games. To see the list of casinos accepting this payment method, you can also visit our reviews page. In all our reviews, we pay particular attention to the payment methods, and they are shown along with commission fees. Especially if you live in a country where PayPal does not serve, we recommend you use Skrill.

State of the Art Customer Support Team

As much as most online casinos offer you professional and speedy customer support, Skrill does not fail to assist gamers whenever they encounter a query while using their services. Available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all your transaction queries can be tackled via multiple communication channels including e-mail, telephone, mail and fax without involving your online gaming platform. What’s more, Skrill customer agents are not constricted to one language, quite the opposite. These agents can communicate via 12 different languages in a bid to accommodate online casino players from across the globe. Talk of having your best interests at heart.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the maximum amount of cash I can deposit via Skrill?
    For starters, it is critical to understand that the minimum and maximum cash deposit, especially in the gambling scene, is solely determined by online casinos themselves. That said, different organizations will have various limits and it is up to you to settle for a site that suits your preferences best.
  • What are the fees charged for opening a new Skrill Account?
    Good news, you will not incur any cost during the process of opening a brand new SKR account. In simple terms, it is free.
  • Can I access my Skrill Account via my mobile device?
    As a matter of fact, you can. This eWallet has availed a free app for download for both Android and IOS mobile users. That means you can withdraw and deposit cash into your casino account via skrill without being chained to your desktop.

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