During the 90’s era, as the popularity of Visa cards began skyrocketing, there was a revolution occurring in the addictive world of Internet gambling. As such, the boom in the number of participants is the primary reason for the profitability of this sector. Furthermore, it became one whereby, a broad range of brands were in stiff competition with each other to offer participants an unforgettable gaming experience.

Visa card users can conveniently conduct electronic payments. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that a plethora of web-based gaming platforms offers this method as a quick and easy solution for their clientele to make real bankroll deposits. It is safe to say that a multitude of people registering in the broad range of Internet casinos as well as sports book sites certainly have an available credit/debit card.

While credit/debit card payments may be a preferred method for a myriad of online gamblers, there is a coterie of factors which you ought to take into consideration as well.

Credit Card and Debit Card

With Visa cards, there is the choice of using credit cards and debit cards. The latter is one that is fast growing through use by many people across the globe. As you know, the former has an amount they charge as interest every month. When it comes to debit cards, the withdrawal of money occurs automatically from your savings or checking account when you make a purchase.

The credit card charges you interest on payments based on the rate agreed upon in the respective agreement. Furthermore, they have limits to a certain point on how much you can spend. Debit cards, on the other hand, do not charge interest. Therefore, this means that you can use up to the amount you have in your account with no limit. You, however, need to confirm this with your bank. It is possible to add a credit card to your account as an overdraft protector.

Responsibilities of the Card Holder

For you to use chargeback, you need to provide the details of your transaction to Visa. Hence, it will require giving them your purchase receipt and as many details as you possibly can give them on what happened. When they have all the information, they, in turn, contact the vendor for their side of the story and decide on what happens to the money. You should note that it is advisable not to use this method just out of laziness. If vendors have return policies, you need to be familiar with them and follow that instead. Additionally, you should incorporate a chargeback as the last option and not as a defence in every consumer transaction. When used well and necessarily, this is an excellent weapon against companies that do not deal well with players.

Wise Card Choices

Ensure that you use debit and credit cards with the utmost care. Visa cards come with annual fees, late fees and over the limit fees. All the conditions come along with the agreement, which goes a long way in protecting your rights. You can track your payments on your credit history. However, in instances of lateness or missing your payments many times, the account is eventually turned over to the collection agency. Hence, the debt ends up with others who collect on your account. These are the standard rules of most credit cards. Debit cards, on the other hand, have different rules and do not work in the same way. Most people use their debit cards nowadays to pay most of their bills because they offer no interest since it is your savings you tap into when you use them.

The Cons

As you know, depositing funds into an Internet gaming account via your debit/credit card is considered a real money transaction. Thus, the issuer can add extra transaction charges which you must pay. In instances of an interest-free purchase agreement, the payments into your web-based gambling account are marked as separate and therefore, can be the subject of concern in addition to a given cost.

Bearing that in mind, we will delve into a coterie of the charges that you may incur which is inclusive of the disadvantages of using your Visa card to wager.

  • Interest Fees – For a fact, you require to take care of the corresponding interest charges when getting involved in Visa online slots, more so if you fail to eliminate your balance upon receiving your bill. As a cash transaction, this is exclusive of any interest-free period or rates in the agreed terms and conditions. Furthermore, the interest is usually monthly in addition to the costs and can be as high as 30%. Therefore, it is vital that you are acutely aware of the terms and conditions which come with your transaction and always practice responsible gaming.
  • Cash Advance Costs – There is no doubt that a plethora of Internet gaming operators will hit their clientele with guaranteed cash advance costs. Irrespective of the fact that these transactions are relatively money transactions, the owners treat them differently from the regular retail purchases. In turn, this automatically means that players require paying an additional amount to their visa card issuers and ensure that they adhere to any terms and conditions before conducting any transactions.
  • Lack of Withdrawals on Visa MasterCard – Regardless of the fact that there is a myriad of credit/debit cards in the industry it is safe to say that a majority are Visa cards. Using a Visa MasterCard to put down deposits into your gambling is as easy as reciting your name. However, the pitfall comes in when it is time to withdraw your earnings, and you realize you are unable to do so. Thus, this means that you require looking for alternative retrieval methods.

The Pros

  • Convenience – When it comes to partaking in the addictive world of internet gaming, a cornucopia of participants use their cards to make down payments into their accounts. To make a payment, all you have to do is type in your billing address, the CVC (Card Verification Code) at the back of your card, and the expiration date. The primary reason for this is that it is a tad easier to use your Visa card to deposit some bankroll to your account, rather than create a new account with alternative payment methods such as Skrill and PayPal.
  • Swift Processing – For a fact, varying payment alternatives have different processing durations. As such, this means that depending on the method you pin down, you may end up waiting for quite a while for the casino to credit your earnings to your account. However, with Visa credit and debit cards, the processing of withdrawals occurs in a short span of time (usually three business days).
  • Bonuses – The top visa online casinos run the gamut from Bet365, Unibet, and Casino Luck among others. Thereby, these casinos tend to offer their players special bonuses on all Visa slots as a token of appreciation. As always, these different promotions offer gamblers the opportunity of winning big.
  • Safety – With Visa, your credentials are 100% secure as the company offers its clients phenomenal protection against fraud. However, when implementing this method of payment in the Internet gaming platform of your choice, it is also vital to ascertain that the gaming site is a reliable one with an excellent reputation. Doing so prevents you from finding yourself in the pitfall of online scams.

Keeping in mind all these factors, you can choose Visa to process your payments with confidence!

Visa Cards and Online Casinos

For a fact, players have used visa cards for their gambling payments ever since the introduction of a plethora of web-based casinos. It is one of the most widely-used and credible methods of payment used worldwide. They were the most commonly used methods of payment by players online before the emergence of e-wallets and prepaid vouchers as well as Bitcoins. The change came about as a result of the immediate use of the new methods of paying.

Depositing with Visa at an Online Casino

The first thing to do is to pick out the Visa Internet gaming platform which you would like to use. Once you have chosen the site of your preference, the minimum, and maximum, amount that you should pay, depends on the website. Thus, the deposit ranges between $10 and $5000. It comes with a 1-3% fee per amount you pay, which all depends on the casino, as some do not charge this at all if you exceed a certain sum of money in deposit.

The second step is to the Internet casino’s payment options page. Once you get to this page, you can choose credit cards as the possibility of payment, after which you can conveniently select Visa as the credit or debit card option of use.

The next step is to fill in the amount of money that you wish to deposit.

Lastly, you will need to fill in your card details as required. It will include the visa card number, its expiration date, the CVC security code at the back, and your names in full. Once you have completed this procedure, you can then proceed to key in the amount of money that you wish to deposit. All the details of payment should be verified then confirmed. Once the transaction is complete, you will immediately have the amount in your account.

Withdrawing with Visa

The first step should be to get to the withdrawal page of your preferred online casino. After which you will find a plethora of choices of payment that you can withdraw your funds. Ensure you select Credit and debit cards then select Visa.

The last thing to do is to fill in your card details. It typically includes your name, card number, expiration date of the card as well as the CVC security number at the back of the card, as mentioned earlier. You need to know the kind of online casino you are dealing with as a coterie of them do not offer the option of withdrawing via the use of Visa card. With that said, our recommendation would be to look through the terms and conditions of the gaming platform you decide to use before you sign up with them.

Transfer Times

Once players have deposited money to their preferred casino sites, they expect it to reflect immediately or be available just as it usually shows in their bank account. However, this is not always the case when it comes to withdrawing one’s winning through the visa card option. Thus, it takes between three and five business days for the bankroll to reflect on your credit card even if the platform does it immediately. The gaming parlor also offers minimum and maximum limits when it comes to withdrawals just as it does when it comes to deposits. Therefore, it is crucial to know this information beforehand to avoid any disappointment.

In conclusion, we can say that Visa card as a payment method in a copiousness of Internet casinos exudes immense credibility as well as reliability. The fact that Visa is trusted worldwide by many people for their daily transactions should give you confidence in using it as a payment method. Moreover, it is effortless to make as many deposits and withdrawals that you want.

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