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In those good old days, we opened up our computer, updated it to the latest version of Flash software, then went to the casino website and waited for it to load – yes, sometimes even the homepage took minutes to load. The computers were big and heavy, and it was not so easy to use them. For this reason, mobile devices were a big revolution: they were so light and small that you could even carry them in your pocket. It didn’t take long to discover that we can play on these devices too. At first, there was a platform issue, almost all games were developed on the Flash software, and iOS systems, for example, did not support this platform. Then, HTML5 technology was developed, and games became platform independent. Nowadays, no matter what type of portable device you are using, you can play any game on devices, such as cell phones and tablet PCs.

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Moreover, mobile versions are no different from classic slot games. By using your fingers, it is possible to do everything you can do with your mouse. We can even say that you can play more easily because the screen you is smaller and you can reach the controls with ease. Mobile gaming has many advantages, and we will discuss them in detail below, but let’s start by giving technical information first. What devices do you need to use to play mobile games?

Devices for the Free Mobile Slots

Technically, your device being “mobile” is enough to play games. There is no need to list brands and model names, as the numbers are so numerous and as with any software, mobile games are not based on devices, but on operating systems. If you have a smart phone or tablet PC of any brand, you are ready for mobile slots as well. For this reason, let’s examine the operating systems, not the devices:

iOS: Under this operating system, there are iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. All devices run the same operating system – in other words, for example, a game running on an iPhone would work on the iPad as well. All you need to look for is the version number of the operating system: modern mobile games require minimum iOS 9 and above. Another thing you need to be aware of is the platform on which mobile productions are developed. IOS devices do not support the Flash platform. You do not have to worry about modern mobile games because they are developed with the HTML5. However, very old ones developed with the Flash technology may not load and may not work.

Android/Blackberry: From the beginning, Android devices supported all types of mobile games, whether they are developed on the Flash or any other platform. If you’re using an Android-powered device, you can play all games. But beware: Android is a system that can work on many different hardware configurations. This means that the hardware level of your device may be insufficient for 3D games with very high graphics quality. In 2D ones, you will not have any trouble. This is also true for the Blackberry platform: any software that can run on the Android system will work on the Blackberry too, if you are using the latest version of BlackBerryOS (v.10 and above).

Windows Phone: Windows Phone, which is a Windows-based operating system, will give you no trouble with mobile games. The only problem is that the games in the app store are limited in number. So instead of using an app, you need to visit the casino’s mobile website, mostly.

In order to play slots or cards, one can use two methods:

App Store: Most of the casinos prefer to develop a special application for their games. You can visit the app store, download this app to your device and play all the games with ease. This is the recommended method for Android and iOS operating systems.

Mobile Website: If the casino does not offer a separate application, you must use the mobile version of the website. Since it is not as practical as an app, we suggest you try this method if you do not have another solution. For the Windows Phone operating system, you often have to use this method.

Advantages of Playing Slots on Mobile

There are many advantages of mobile casino games, such as:

  • Play Anywhere, Anytime. Since you are not dependent on a computer, you can play anywhere and at any time. In public transport, while you are sitting in a cafe, and yes, even in the bathroom. You set the time and the place.
  • Practicality. Booting a computer, opening the browser and waiting for the site to load is a long process. In mobile games, you only need to touch the icon of the application. You can play for only 10 minutes and award yourself a piece of entertainment even in short breaks. You can even become a millionaire during that break – if you are lucky.
  • Extra Bonuses. Most of the casinos offer extra bonuses to mobile players that are not available on desktop versions. You can get extra spins, multipliers, and even access to newly released games before anyone else.
  • It is the Future. There are around 10.000.000 mobile slots UK players. And this is just the UK: when you think the rest of the world, this number goes way up. Mobile gaming is the future, and you need to be a part of it.

Play Mobile Slots for Real Money!

Like all other casino games, you can also play mobile slots with real money. Now here comes the most important question: how do you find the best casinos and the best slots to play with real money? It’s enough to visit our website! Our professional and experienced team reviews all the mobile casinos and their games for you and score them scrupulously. You can choose any of them on our pages and enjoy a good time while making profits.