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A VIP player at an online casino is a player who is known to place higher bets than other players. Becoming a VIP on any cyberspace betting site is one of the things we’d all like to indulge in at least once in our online gambling life. But then, have you ever thought of what it involves in becoming a VIP member at an online casino? It really rests on which casino it is, however, there are numerous elements involved in becoming a dignitary member. The majority of online casinos normally have an ordinary membership, but for this article, you’re going to learn about the premium access status that all online gamblers desire to have someday- VIP Membership.

How Do the VIP Casinos and VIP Programs Work?

Immediately an adequate number loyalty points are gathered, you’re qualified for the entry to the program. Your activity will be watched by the online casinos’ management team. If you satisfy their needs, they will extend you an invitation to join the VIP program.

Once introduced to the program, you will enjoy the numerous advantages related to it. You’ll continue to climb up the levels, and relish that level’s benefits. But it doesn’t end there since to go up the VIP ranks, you’ll have to gamble more and play often.

Loyalty Points

For you to understand how the premium membership programs work, you should first understand everything about the loyalty points. Normally, each time you make a real money deposit and play at the online casino, the house usually awards you a couple of points. The number of points may also vary from one game to another and so, you also have to check with the gaming website.

So, the loyalty points are an additional motivation for you to play at online casinos. Once a specific number of points are gathered, they can be redeemed for coupons, money or other prizes. They can even bankroll your following game in the lobby. It’s all left to the online casino’s decision, on how they control the loyalty points plus the various necessities as per their bonus rules.

Additionally, certain online games are not qualified for these loyalty points. It’s up to you to confirm which games are fit for acquiring them. These loyalty points are the key to entering the VIP program. It is a unique program presented by all the top online casinos to all the players. As a rule of thumb, you should understand that the more real money bet you make, the more points you get.

How to Become a VIP

Achieving a VIP membership status at an online casino is not that difficult. If you’re a consistent online punter, it’s almost guaranteed, as long as you stick with the similar casino for a long period of time. Most online casinos bid membership to those who have gathered a particular number of loyalty points for money deposited and games played. In several cases, it’s directly connected to the deposits you’ve made since you joined as a member.

Benefits of Becoming a VIP

There is a range of exclusive benefits that the most valuable members of a gaming site will receive. In this section, we are going to take a look at some of the most popular rewards that you can gain after attaining these levels.

  • An account manager will be appointed to deal with all your executive requirements. This account manager is like your very own private valet on the website.
  • VIPs are normally given access to exclusive promotions, benefits, plus other numerous rewards that other ordinary gamblers can only dream about!
  • The VIP points can be converted to money, bonuses or corresponding gifts.
  • You can also use the status as an entry to competitions, free plays, free spins, and even special holiday packages.
  • Most valuable members of the site will receive faster payouts and much higher staking and withdrawal limits without any of the regular verification hassles.
  • Personalized attention and customer support just in case you find yourself in any difficulties as you play.
  • Exclusive access to the latest games, unique offers, and promotions.
  • Access to unique premium membership events and competitions that come with more lucrative rewards compared to regular offers.

You should, however, remember that the VIP program is just but an additional motivation for your continuous gaming at the online casinos. It shouldn’t be your primary objective, you should be focused on earning some winnings on your wagers rather than only gaining from the various benefits of this program. You will only enjoy the pleasure from this additional perk while playing the actual gambling games to win.

The only thing that you must keep in mind is that these membership programs are at the sole discretion of the gaming site itself.  They have the right to alter the terms and conditions at any given time. Moreover, they can create, alter or completely remove the VIP bonuses, promotions or other benefits at their will. Therefore, you should always make a point of going through the fine print of the membership programs before you take a hit at the available offers.

Is the Premium Membership Available for a Limited Time?

Unlike most of the other exclusive promotions at an online gaming site, VIP status is normally given for good. But of course, you have to show some activity level on the casino frequently for you to maintain your status. Failure to do so you’re likely to get lenient notices through email about VIPs’ new offers plus other such related news. In fact, in other cases, your level of membership may be demoted to a lower status if your gaming account doesn’t record enough activity.

Remember that various online casinos have different regulations about the membership of their loyalty programs.  In any case, the most important theme for all such memberships is more generous treatment as well as access to restricted areas that are not accessible by other members. To enjoy such rewards to the fullest, choose an online casino that offers you a lifetime VIP membership. Additionally, confirm the kind of benefits that are available if you want to maximize your entertainment and carry on receiving exclusive treatment from the online casino.

Are There Limits to Deposits for VIP Status?

No, there are no bounds as to how much you can deposit in an online casino whether you are a regular member of a VIP ranked player. Online gaming sites tend to urge gamblers to always deposit more to acquire more loyalty player points. Thus, the higher the amount of cash you deposit, the quicker you acquire the points, and this will edge you closer to the perks you get of being a valuable member of the site.

Best Casinos for VIP Players

In the online betting industry, casinos will always try to surpass each other when it comes to these exclusive rewards. Some will offer healthier perks for their loyal players than others. The package of benefits for various VIP categories can be obtained from the terms and conditions section of the betting site. So, for the right information regarding these rewards, ensure you go through the online casino’s fine print.

Below are some of the best online gaming sites for VIP players, based on some of the unique rewards that you will receive once you qualify for the program:

  1. 888Casino
    • Get a 50% higher conversion rate on your hard-earned loyalty point.
    • Monthly bonuses $45 to $1,000.
    • Win a portion of $1,200 daily while playing live Blackjack.
  2. Mr. Green Casino
    • Great bonuses, Dedicated VIP promotions, unique prizes and many more!
    • You will be assigned a Committed VIP Account Manager.
    • Faster payments and withdrawals.
  3. EuroGrand Casino
    • Fast deposits and cash-outs
    • Personal account manager to help you with anything.
    • Exclusive monthly bonuses, promotions, and unique awards. Earn big money!

Parting Shot

Before summing everything up, you should bear in mind that a lot of casinos including the ones we’ve recommended above have various VIP ranks. Thus, you should also check the lobby out to see what each of these tiers entail as well as their benefits. That way, you can even set a target to the tier that you want to be part of.

And essentially what a casino looks for is one who records plenty of hours playing. They don’t care if you win or lose, they just want you to invest the hours at moderate wagers. So, if you participate in the slots games play maximum credits and utilize your player’s card. If you take part in the table games, ask what level you require to play out to use your card. Immediately you start racking points they will want you to come back. That’s when they’ll start offering you extra bonuses with the loyalty programs to keep you coming back.

Are you ready to become a VIP? Well, you have all the information you need to get started!

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