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If there is one online casino game that accounts for the largest percentage of gaming revenue in the UK, it is slots. To be more specific, 70% of all gaming revenue is due to slots. In essence, a handful of gamers are leaving casinos downcast after losing several hands at slots. These gaming machines are no longer exclusive to women, quite the opposite. Any gamer both experienced or not can partake in this variety and in this cash, by staking real cash.

As much as we would love to satisfy your deepest desires, there is no known strategy to beat the odds on any slot machine. With that in mind, you should drop all information that claims to do so. If not, you are in for a series of disappointments. What then is this review about? Is it also a sham? The answer to these queries is ‘NO’. Get this, all gaming machines are designed to award fewer payouts than the amount of cash they take in.

This means, casinos will always have an upper hand, and if you’ve been around the gambling scene, you probably know that this is referred to as the house edge. So, if websites are guaranteed to reap a certain percentage of the bets wagered, how can you emerge victoriously? Great news, there are certain tips you can apply in a bid to tilt the odds in your favor. Curious? Read through the next section to learn more.

Here’s How to Beat the Odds

  1. Set your Cash Limit way before your Gaming Session
    In gambling, you can expect two case scenarios, bagging a win or walking away a sore loser. As earlier mentioned, the casino’s house edge is prove that you will experience a loss at one point or another. With that in mind, stepping foot into a gambling arena with cash you are prepared to lose is one of the best tips you can use. This is because, having a financial limit will not only prevent you from mismanaging your cash but also safeguard you from a gambling addiction.Just to ensure that the point is home, having a financial limit means that you set aside cash you are comfortable forfeiting. Moreover, cut down links to any source of funds. This strategy may sound absurd, especially preparing for the worst. But just before you disregard this review, tips on how to prevent you from losing all your cash are coming right up.
  2. Divide your Cash into Sessions
    Having a financial limit is a good place to start. However, it is not the best place to be. Allow us to explain. With the advent of online casinos, players can access a slot machine at any time and place, unlike the land-based platform where a trip has to be arranged. This limited access can prove dangerous especially when all your gambling bankroll is depleted within the first casino session.To prevent all this, have a certain stack of cash set aside for each casino session. For instance, if you are planning to visit your casino three times a day, split your bankroll into three. This way, you will play for fun since the stress of finances will no longer be a problem.
  3. Always have a Playing Limit
    Let’s face it, having a financial limit with the absence of time constrictions will be irrelevant. This is because the longer you spin the reels, the harder the chances of leaving a casino floor. For instance, if you’ve been playing at a machine with odds against you, chances are frustration will build up and the end result – staking more cash in a bid to recover your losses. In most cases than not, you will not recover your losses. Instead, you will lose more money, the money you had not planned to forfeit in the first place.On the other hand, the odds can be in your favor and as expected this lands you a large payout. At this juncture, the best thing to do is live the casino, but most gamers tend to stick around. This is with hopes to bag a bigger win. Having been in the industry for a while, we can assure you that this move will most likely than not lead you to losses. Yes, that’s what greed gets you.If you have been a victim of any the scenarios, we suggest that you limit your casino session to two hours. Why? After two hours of gambling activity, your body and mind get famished, and chances of making irrational decisions are heightened. Therefore, the smartest thing to do is take a break, preferably away from anything that will lure you into the casino vibe. This way your rationality is restored.
  4. Always Look Out for Safe and Secure Gambling Platforms
    By safe and secure platform, we mean concrete evidence that a casino has your need as a player at heart. To determine this: a casino (a download or no download site) must be licensed by a gambling commission in its jurisdiction. However, ownership of a gaming license doesn’t guarantee top-notch safety, quite the opposite. The site must abide by the strict regulations of the gambling commission licensing it and ownership of more than one license is definitely a plus!Secondly, a safe casino should have a third independent party (unbiased to be precise) that is foreseeing the fairness of the software used to produce their games. Since the outcome of any slot machine is dependent on its Random Number Generator (RNG), prove that it is not corruptible surges a site to a high level of security.
  5. Discover the Best Bonuses and Promos
    It is undoubtedly clear that slot machines are the most popular casino games on the web. It is therefore not surprising that there are numerous freebies attached to these games. This is both a good and bad thing. Good because these incentives can be your ticket to your highest payout yet and bad because some websites present offers with the sole objective of maximizing their profits – at the expense of the gamer of course.That said, it is critical to take advantage of only the best offers. To do this, strictly adhere to the following procedure:

    • Stick to offers with the lowest wagering requirements. Essentially, a wagering requirement is the amount you need to wager in a bid to withdraw all wins acquired from the bonus. This explains why a low play through condition is satisfactory.
    • Some bonuses have time limits, and the longer the time, the better, for you have enough time to actualize any conditions set.
    • If you wish to withdraw your bonus money, ensure that the casino allows withdrawals on their offers.
    • Identify the games that contribute to your play through conditions and since this is a slots gaming strategy review, stick to casinos that select as many slot titles as possible.
  6. Avoid the Maximal Bet
    Betting the maximum number of coins at the classical machines was the best way to grab a ticket to the progressive jackpot draw. In other words, staking the highest number of coins was the best way to land the largest payout. However, with the onset of more gaming machines, the rules have changed. For instance, most video slots award wins proportional to the number of coins you wagered. What’s more, playing with the maximal coins does not earn you a bonus.Keeping this in mind, understanding how slot works is not enough to help you earn big. You need to critically analyze the game you are playing. Pay particular attention to:

    • The machine’s Return to Player Ratio
    • Bonuses and promotions featured in the game
    • Terms and Conditions of the jackpot (if staking the highest number of coins is not a requirement, DON’T!)
  7. The Higher the RTP, the Better for You!
    Just to ensure that we are on the same page, the Return to Player is the total percentage of all cash wagered that a slot is designed to pay back gamers over time. As a player, it is very difficult to determine this percentage for it is actualized after thousands or even millions of real money spins. Fact, most online slot machines indicate their RTP but how do you determine if this figure is true?Factually speaking, you have a higher chance of scooping a win at a game with a high RTP than that with a lower one. The best way to settle for a game with a high payback percentage is spinning reels at machines with high denominations. Honestly, you are better of staking one credit on a $1 denomination slot game than 3 credits on a penny denomination game.But just before you settle for this strategy, it is critical to mind your bankroll. Consequently, if your wallet limits you to a penny slot game, do not strain yourself by playing on the high denomination game. Sticking to your financial potential is way important than trying to play at a machine with a higher denomination. Who knows, a game might have a low RTP but end up scooping a fortune. Gambling is a risk, take it! Besides, that’s where all the thrill lies.

Our Final Verdict

Let’s be clear; the above-mentioned tips are not your ultimate key to beat slot machines. However, they will improve your chances of bagging a win while playing your favorite slot game. Try them out and you will see your casino session improve remarkably.

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