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The slot machines are the most attractive and make the most noise around the casino. It is the admiration of both the casino owners and the gambler. It is no doubt that the slot machines themselves account for up to 75% of all revenue made in casinos. Most winnings result when playing the slots game.

History of the Slot Machine

The first practical casino slot machine was the work of a Bavarian Immigrant Charles Fey. His groundbreaking invention reflects his skilled hand in mechanics and a great desire to make an extra coin while away from home in San Francisco USA.


Charles’s version of the slot machine quickly became very popular in bars across the USA. The Slot machine has transformed leisure activities in pubs around the USA as people were fascinated with its functioning and curious on making away with the instant prices you could win upon matching three poker cards in one row after spinning a lever on the right-hand side of the machine. Prices then used to range from a cigar, free beer and accommodation. The popularity of the machine earned its name “the One-armed Bandit” as it was operated with one hand and possibly because of the mixed fortunes players experienced in the hands of the Liberty Bell.

Evolution of the Slots Game

The bar owners quickly learnt how their fortunes immensely changed on introduction of the Slots machines. Soon, the one-armed bandit was in every well-to-do bar as its mystery wins kept increasing while its ability to strip a player of their hard earned cash and possibly slide him into debt was unmatched. Being rendered bankrupt seemed not to deter the players eager to have a spin at and probably take the spoils home. Improvements enabled the equipment to detect coins over the years and an additional cash payout dispenser system. The introduction of cash dispensing meant the game was unstoppable.

An electromechanically slots machine made an entry in 1966 with increased features; this enabled the machine to dispense an automatic payout upon winning. With the emergence of The Cathode Ray Tube television, the game joined the bandwagon; in 1976, a Video Slots machine was rolled out featuring a 19-inch screen and a logical control circuit board to stiffen the game’s grip: this gave birth to International Gaming Technology (IGT) later in 1978.

It would be much later in 1994 that the game would make its debut online: The Microgaming Company fronted this. Since then the world of slots gaming has never looked back.

Modern Day Slot Machine

The Liberty Bell had three reels of cards that were spin by pushing a lever. A win was imminent if one could match three identical cards along the three reels. The game became more interesting when two cards got removed from the reel, and a joker introduced: This stiffened the odds of winning rewards but added an unexpected sweetness to the game by making it more challenging than it used to be.

Today’s slot machines have an interactive feature as:

  • A digital wheel pinning technology replaced the lever on the one armed bandit
  • Video Display of cards replaced the reels
  • Automatic payouts
  • Variety of slots machines that can play different games such as:
    • Multi-line and multi-coin machines
    • Combination slots
    • Bonus Multipliers
    • Straight Multipliers
    • Buy-a-pays
    • Video Poker
    • Video Bingo (Combines the slots cards with balls 75 for Mexican Bingo and 90 balls for American Bingo)
    • Pachislo (a combination of the Japanese game pachinko and slots)

Mastering Playing Slot Machines

It is important to understand that winning in a game of slots will require you to employ a strategy. It is quite a challenge to make a strong win for a pro in the game, so a bit of knowledge of the game is vital.

  • Different machines have different payouts. This data remains unavailable in casinos, but you can always find it online. Choose the machine which poses the highest probability of payouts: This will be displayed as a percentage. The higher the percentage value, the better.
  • The game is designed to keep you hooked. Purpose a limit amount of money to gamble. Choose when to quit whether you’ve doubled your money or have lost it all. Avoid the temptation of over-indulgence.
  • Always approach a casino with a gambling budget in mind. Stick to your limits
  • Play only with your bankroll and put away all the winnings you clinch: This will ensure you’ll not walk away empty handed.

Rules of the Game

Each slot machine has a table enlisting the number of credits a player is entitled to if they match certain symbols on the slots. However, some symbols are wild and can be used to represent many or all of the symbols required to win a game

The rules will be displayed on the face of the slot machine in a list commonly referred to as the Paytable. In most games, if one manages to match three wildcards, they are considered winners of a jackpot which is usually a huge payout that multiplies the payout or triggers additional features as would be described in the pay table.

Winning in Slots

The chances of winning in a game of slots are minimal; casinos won’t let you know this display unless there’s a statutory requirement to do so. By default, if the game looks simple, the harder it is to pocket any win; but this should nevertheless stop you from playing the game as there are many strategies you can employ to emerge a winner such as:

  1. One Play
    Play the game on the slot machine only once with highest amount available; if you win, you play the same strategy again, but if lost, you move on to the next machine
  2. Mathematical Standard deviation
    • Find a slots device that receives an amount related to the number of coins you play online like say 40 coins for a four coin bet meaning if you do 100 coins you’ll get a ten coin bet (This machine is called an equal play machine)
    • Play until you win at least twice and count the number of wins between the two wins
    • When you know the average number of spins between each win, use a machine with a high payout and place the highest possible bet at the time you’ve calculated the winning probability
  3. Fixed maximum payout
    Several wins can be achieved when playing slots game online

    • fixed payout
    • progressive jackpot; meaning the device counts the number of plays and keeps increasing the jackpot with each subsequent play
      The machine with a progressive jackpot is more attractive than one with a fixed jackpot, but there are much lower odds than in a fixed payout one. It is wise to limit your plays to the fixed jackpot machine
  4. Select the smallest jackpot games
    If you are looking for an easy win, go for the smaller Jackpots. The opposite is also true about huge jackpots. The odds are so impossible to beat in mega jackpot machines.
  5. Get away from video reel machines
    Videos take a little longer to display than standard graphics meaning it takes more time to finish a single game. The video reel machines are pre-programmed to require more money before giving any payouts. If you are looking for a win, keep off these.

Some payouts will be in the form of hand pay, which is the amount payable by a casino attendant rather than by the slot machine itself. Usually, a hand pay will be necessary if the amount payable is higher than the maximum amount dispensable by the slot machine.

  1. All these mathematical calculations for winning are not for me. I have my own tactics. I play until I win! And when I win, I win back the money that I lost and I still get a profit! It always works, probably in part because I’m lucky. But I kind of agree with what was written above – you need to choose the right slot machine and of course not be afraid of taking risks!

  2. Much, BT in my mind, the casino became a much more beautiful and brighter, and most importantly versatile. Interesting to read the history of origin of what play days.)))
    The names have changed BT the essence remains. I thought that was a lot easier to win in online casino, and it’s how it is today because of the large number of possibilities. Thank U for the free tips.!!!

  3. Interesting … hmm…I would never have thought that if you choose the game with the lowest jackpot, then the chances of winning will be higher! as a rule, when you see big jackpots, you do not conceive and you start playing in these slots. Now I wanna try this method coz I really like the easy win ))) Also I’m going to stop playing if I see the tendency to lose!

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