Best Paying Slot Machines

Let us first start off by introducing you to the different types of slot machines. When you know the features of each of them, you will be able to identify which of the games are sought after and which of them are only played on occasion.

Different Types of Slots to Play

Classic slots:  These are machines that normally are three reel slots with only one row. In essence, they then only have one payline, and that makes the RTP (return to player) much less than any other slot type with lots of features. Their features can also include free games, bonus rounds, and scatters. These slots are normally more relaxed and easy to learn and get a hold of.

Keep in mind that the classic slots have evolved a bit; therefore, you might find other variations and categories of these slots like the following examples:

  • Classic 777
  • Penny Pokies
  • 5 Reel Slots
  • 3×3 slots
  • Fruit Machines

No Download slots:  They are normally classified as online slots that have become very famous in the UK.  They have the same features as the land-based casinos, however; they can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. No download slots are available via your laptop, PC, mobile phone and tablet.

Progressive slots:  This is quite an interesting kind of slot. Progressive slots can be in the form of any of the other slot machine, for example, 5 reel slots, including all the game features, the only difference is that the jackpot prize is normally fixed. In this instance, progressive jackpot slots are determined by the players of the game and their contribution. Therefore, the progressive jackpot differs every second, and if someone wins the jackpot, they will receive all the winnings of the players.

Re-spin slots:  Re-spin slots have become more popular as the slot machines evolved. This gives the player another chance to win. In the classic slots this feature can be a nudge or hold, or in the more modern slots, cascading wilds or sticky wilds will be the bonus feature. They will keep some characters in place and added to the outcome of the next spin.

Scatter symbols slots: This feature is popular in the video slots that have a more modern feel. These extra cards will pop up in between the reels and add on to the winning lines increasing the chances of big wins. The best way to win is to get 3 or more of these icons.

Wild Symbols: This is the symbol on most video slots that have the most authority as they replace other symbols to create more paylines.

Online Penny Slots: These slots are created for players who would love to join in the fun but not bet as much as the other games. They offer bets in the smallest dominations.

Best Games Available to Win

Now that you have a better understanding of the different features and types of slots you get, we will start to reveal the slots with the highest payout ratio.

  1. Dead or Alive slot:  This slot has been identified as one of the highest paying slot machines in the casino. It is a slot machine with a western theme and more popularly known as DOA. With 5 reels and 9 bet lines, there are a lot of other features that are included in this game. Scatters, wild symbols, sticky wilds and free spins. The Characters are in line with the Wild, Wild West theme. Boots, Hats, drinks, guns and a sheriff badge. The Return to Player is standing on a massive 96.8% allowing players to win big. The slot machine Dead or Alive is available to play in Guts Casino.
  2. Monopoly Big Event: Hosted by Casumo casino, Monopoly Big Event is one of the highest paying slot machines in the industry at the moment. With a massive 99% Return to Player rate, this slot machine should definitely be taken for a spin. This amazing slot features a lot of free spins, sticky wilds, multipliers, and extra wilds. The high stakes do surely pay off. Do not look any further if you are looking for entertaining and unbeatable.
  3. Finer Reels of life: This highly classy and luxurious slot machine designed by Microgaming includes everything from fine dining champagne to lovely chocolates and bright diamonds. The amazing special features such as the wild symbols, scatters and the Wild celebration features will surely guarantee a winning combination. There are three bonus rounds of which you can be treated, and you will feel like royalty with the amount of real money you have collected. With 5 reels and 243 paylines, Finer reels of life are definitely on the cards. The payout rate is currently 96.47, and you can treat yourself at Casino Cruise with some royalty.
  4. Immortal Romance:  Looking at Immortal Romance they have noticed that this slot machine is the most complete ever. It is a well-rounded slot that is beautifully designed, with awesome graphics and a lot of bonus features. It is very original with great characters and an original soundtrack. It is a 5 reel video slot with interesting characters and lots of special features. The features will consist of wild symbols, scatters and bonus rounds. It has a very high return to player ratio at 96.8% and available to play from Guts Casino.
  5. Medusa 2:  The lady with the snakes in her hair is also one of the chosen games. This fascinating slot has 243 paylines with weird and wonderful characters. The best feature of Medusa 2 is the locked reels and free games. The feared Medusa can be won over with some skill and endurance.  Have a look at the amazing return to player’s percentage of 97%. You are free to play the game at Guts casino.
  6. Shield shot:  This theme is based on the movie 300 including a wide variety of swords and shields on the reels. The characters in this slot are the standard playing cards from 10 – Ace. The rest of the reels are filled with swords and arrows. The warriors of 300 are also included giving you a true feel of the film in the game. The best features are the scatter shields, which activate the free spins and allow for multiple multipliers. The return rate of the player is slightly lower at 95.3%, still a force to be reckoned with. Access the game from Guts casino, as they will provide you with the full luxury experience.
  7. Playboy:  The Playboy slot is classified as the Rated R sexy slot. You will find interesting characters and see that this slot is not as revealing with regards to the flesh and is very entertaining with beautiful women and cars on the reels. Created by Microgaming, you are sure to find a piece of amazing art and a striking storyline in the video slot. The return to player ratio for Playboy is 97.8%; this is one of the highest returns known from online casinos. Feel free to play this game via Guts casino for an exciting adventure.
  8. Gonzo’s Quest: A huge favourite amongst players, as you are sure to win big jackpots and real money. This is a huge difference to the normal online slot, as the reels are known not for spinning but for falling, creating a whole new feel for these stones. Taking you into the heart of the jungle, the best way to play is to look for the free fall symbols that will reward you with 10 free spins. You will be able to be part of this adventure by entering Guts Casino with an expectancy of 96% payment ratio.
  9. Jurassic Park: Based on the movie of 1993, Jurassic Park will ensure you some nail-biting encounters with the big beasts from the past. The main characters of the movie are portrayed in the reels together with the dinosaurs to be entertained by.  The best features of this game are the Wild symbols, the scatters as well as the free spins bonus rounds, however, keep your eyes open for the Alert mode when T-Rex will be creeping up on you. When this happens, you are sure of a huge payout, as the reels will have 35 wilds for a total of six spins. The payout percentage to players is above average at 96.67%.
  10. Zeus slot:  This slot will take you back to the ancient Greek Mythology. All of the symbols on the reels represent this era. The Harp, pottery, the shields, coins and the Thunder symbols are to be collected for great real money rewards.  This 5 reel adjustable 30 payline slot boasts an RTP of 97% making it very competitive in the industry.  Visit Kaboo casino, and you too can experience the mighty Zeus.

These ratios prove that slots machines are the most rewarding casino games in the UK. Without too much thinking, you can sit en enjoy the adventures of each of the above-mentioned slots. Visit any one of those online casinos for many rewarding payouts. Protection Status