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Together with the popularity of slot machines has come an enormous number of myths surrounding the devices. From one casino to another you will come across some weird to downright hilarious beliefs. Everyone believes their own choice of statements. However, we need to establish the sincerity of these ideas. Do they hold water? If that cannot be verified, then there is a problem. This article demystifies the top ten myths about slot machines. We let you in on the truth so that you can make informed decisions. Here they are;

I. The Lever versus the Spin Button

Have you seen those people who move around the casino advising others to avoid using the spin button? I bet you have. It is indeed a laughable matter to think that one of the two gives you better luck. They both serve the same function; to start the reels. Now, if you should know, the machine has no way of selectively deciding which one to favor. Whether you opt for the lever or the button, it all boils down to your luck: nothing new in that.

The difference between the two is speed. If you decide to do an hour on the slot machine, using the button helps you play faster. The lever consumes more of your time, and thus you play fewer rounds in the end.

II. Slot Machines Pay Better On Certain Days

It is common to hear that particular days are good to spend on the slot machine. You find that everyone holds to a specific day. They believe that on the said day, the slot machine suddenly becomes more generous. That is a complete fallacy I can tell you for free.

It cannot be substantiated because the program running the machine is neither dependent on time nor days. Whether it is Monday or Friday, the machine’s payout rates remain the same online or offline. On whatever day, your chances of winning are purely based on luck. No machine is programmed to dish out progressive jackpots on a Saturday for example.

III. Playing More Wins You More Cash

Some people hold the belief that the more you play, the more you win. So, they sit at the slots for hours unending. When the day is done, they walk home a frustrated lot with empty pockets. Again, winning is a matter of luck. You could win at your first spin of the day or the last. Staying longer and playing more games means you spend more.

The danger of believing the above falsehood is that it nullifies all your budget arrangements. That way, you become oblivious of the amounts you are spending and very quickly end up broke.

IV. Warm Coins are The Winning Strategy

There is the bunch of gamblers you will find rubbing their coins in their hands. They say that warm coins are ingredients that make a winning recipe. While the idea is hilarious, it is also downright illiterate. The slot machine only runs on a random number program. It has no preference for warm or cold coins. As long as it is the right coin, the game is ready to start.  So, do not be caught rubbing at your coin trying to warm it. What you should care to warm is your luck because that is what you need to get a bonus reward.

V. You Can Influence Your Chances of Winning

Thinking that you can influence your chances of winning is misguided. The likelihood of winning is randomly determined and does not subscribe to any pattern. While you cannot affect your chances you can do the following to increase the size of real money wins you earn;

Higher Payout Rates Mean Higher Returns

Look out for slot machines with better payout rates. If you have two; one offering 86% and the other 98%, the latter will win you better cash outs than the former. So do your research to find the best options.

VI. Membership Cards Limit Your Wins

It is wrong to assume that using cards minimizes your wins. In fact, if you subscribe to UK casino clubs you increase your options. Loyal members are eligible to better offers and regular bonuses. If you are a member, you are better placed to have good cash outs as well.

VII. Winning Patterns are Predictable

Among the common fallacies surrounding slot machines, this one is the biggest I should say. I can understand why so. All people are looking for a strategy to win in slot games, and so they are willing to do outrageous things to achieve that. Many pranksters have capitalized on this belief, luring more people into it. They believe that you can predict on what round the machine will dish out a win. Thus, you will find believers of this popular idea counting through their rounds looking forward to the 100th or 500th one.

Slot machines run on random number generators. These random numbers ensure that the next round is in no way dependent upon the previous. Every subsequent round is unique. Therefore, you cannot predict when a win will be obtained.

VIII. A Dormant Machine is Close to a Big Win

There are those folk who walk around the casino marking slot machines that have not rewarded in a while. The thought behind their pursuit is that such machines are about to give away a win. The idea makes the assumption that the machines are designed to stay dormant for a period before they can give a payout.

A slot machine could give a jackpot and in the next round give another cashout. The basic idea is they are random events which cannot be predicted. So, do not follow their lead to find a machine that has been on a cold streak.

IX. Online Slot Machines Are Harder To Win

Some people believe that it is harder to win when playing online slot games. Therefore, they resort to land based casinos and are surprised to hear when people win from online platforms. Both platforms are designed and developed by the same companies including the no deposit versions. The same principles are binding to both of them. Even the mechanism behind the game is just the same. So, the chance of winning online or offline is the same too. The difference could be in payout ratings, and that one of them needs no download. One could be higher, but regardless, it does not affect the probability of winning.

X. Casinos Pre Select the Winners

I have heard it being said that casinos choose their winners beforehand. That individual gaming machines are chosen to give cash outs for that particular day. It goes further to claim that jackpot winners are predetermined by casino operators. This idea goes completely contrary to the truth of slot games. Casino operators cannot keep altering the program every day to set the wins and determine winners. It would be a tiresome and complicated procedure. Plus, it would be against the gambling regulating laws. The random generation of numbers cannot be easily interfered. So, every player has equal chances of winning.

The only restriction would be on slot games that require maximum bets for you to be eligible for the jackpot. In this case, you have to abide by their rules to have a chance at the jackpot.

Therefore, as you play your slots for fun, ignore these fallacies. They are false and undependable. We recommend you keep your eyes open for other like statements that only serve to tarnish the beautiful game of slots.

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