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The charm that surrounds the one armed bandit is unquestionable. Without any doubts, they are by far the most popular casino games both at the land based and online casinos. They have been for a long time now – from the late 80’s to date – and their popularity continues to soar by the day. But why are they so popular?

In so many different ways, the popularity of the video slots is an abnormality. To justify this, we can simply compare it with some of the other casinos games – let’s say Blackjack. The popularity of this card game is rational, as it offers bettors with an opportunity of limiting the house edge and using different workable strategies to increase their chances of winning.

In fact, if you use some of the basic strategy, you’ll be shocked to know that you can beat the casino and walk away with a huge win. Therefore, naturally, you’d expect this game to be the most popular among players.

Slots on the other hand offers none of this advantage. In addition to having very random results, the game also features very high house edges as compared to the card and table games. Since all this information is pretty much common knowledge to everyone, we are going to assume that the popularity of the slots isn’t based on logic, but something else.

What could be this something else? Could it be the winnings? Could it be because they are addictive? Well, there are plenty of reasons why and that’s why we’ve prepared for you 10 reasons why you should start playing the games online or at the land based casino.

Low fees on the game

The running cost of the different brick and mortar casinos varies from one place to another. Factors such as the number of people it has employed, the amount of rent it has to pay among other factors, have to be considered and when it comes to getting revenue from the different games, table and card games tend to be the ones that are most affected.

How? Well slot machines have a fixed price throughout the world, making them more appealing and cheap to play. At the land based casinos, the price could range from €0.10 up to €5 per spin, while online, the price could range from €0.01 up to €250 per spin. This flexible range makes it a very popular among players.

There’s a wide variety to choose from

When it comes to playing online, there’s always one rule – the more the merrier! And with slots, this is usually the case. There’s virtually no shortage of different casino themed slot games – both at the land based casinos and online.

While most of the brick and mortar casinos have been limited to not more than 20 machines – according to the UK Gambling Act 2005, players can still access more than 100 games anytime due to the multi-cabinet machines, which can accommodate more games.

Virtually, there are more than 1,000 different slots developed by more than a few thousand companies. This wide array tends to attract more players to continue enjoying the game.

Different themes, graphics and soundtrack

Have you ever tried playing slots at the land based casinos? Well, if not, this is what it feels like. While there are just 20 cabinets per casino, they all support multiple slots on them, with each one having different themes and storylines.

Online, the story is the same, but on a far much larger scale. These slots have different themes and story lines to make them much interesting and fun. To improve on player enjoyment, they come with high quality pixelated graphics and soundtracks – with true to life sound effects – a factor that makes gambling more fun!

Can be played anywhere anytime

Have you had a long day at work? Want to catch a break from the routine and boring chores? Slots are the way to go! Now accessible through different mobile platforms and with a flexible betting range, you can easily play slots anywhere anytime. The different games are available in both no download and download formats – a fact that enables people using different mobile devices to play and enjoy the game.

The modern cloud technology and some of the mind blowing integration features have now made it possible to enjoy light hearted gambling as easy as it is convenient.

Straightforward gameplay and rules

You don’t have to be a scientist to play any of the available slot, no! They are the simplest games online, with the only requirement being able to understand how to set the coin value, activating the number of paylines and clicking on the spin button to start playing.

In fact, some of the games have made it very easy for those who consider themselves ‘high rollers’ as they have the ‘Max Bet’ and ‘Autospin’ features, which has made playing the game much simpler and fun!

Rewarding in game features and bonuses

Software developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming have a very solid fan base as far as slots are concerned. But why is this so? What are they doing right that most of the players opt to play their games instead of other companies?

The trick lies in the number of in-game bonuses and features, which they offer bettors. At all the NetEnt Casinos, immediately you sign up, you are going to be rewarded with a number of free spins to try on specified titles. These bonuses get better as you play the game, as there are also plenty of them during gameplay.

Usually have some of the best jackpots

What motivated you to playing casino games? Is the thought of waking up one day to a big win or do you just play the games for fun? If you’d ask most of the players, they’ll tell you that one player won a million euros playing Mega Fortune Dreams or Microgaming’s Mega Moolah Progressive jackpots and they could also become a winner one day.

This is a reality and the number of players gaming slots online want to be the next millionaires. The good news is, even if you miss out on the coveted jackpot prize, some games such as Wild Wild West will ensure you win large, thanks to some of their massive payout and rewarding bonus games.

Available across all the casinos – online and land based

Availability is also one of the factors that should make you want to play slots. To ensure that more players continue enjoying some of their hit games, companies developing the land based slot machine cabinets have also started including some of the popular titles online. This ensures you continue playing non-stop.

Can be played for free or real money

This is perhaps another top reason why players choose slots over other casino games. The allure of playing the game for free, and still enjoy all the benefits of playing real money tempts so many players. In fact, if you’d ask some of the active slot players how it all started, they’ll tell you, ‘It started with the free games, free spins, and I just couldn’t handle the thought of seeing all those winnings go to waste. And right here I am, gaming slots 3 years later!’

You could also start enjoying slots, just ensure you don’t let it ruin you financially or get you an addict!

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