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All the prominent online casinos offer a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods. That is why it is a pretty hard for a novice player to make a decision and choose the most suitable since there’s too many of them. Some of the gamblers prefer a traditional bank transfer; the others favor electronic wallets. Each of these ways has its benefits and shortcomings, and Click2Pay is not the exception. If you are in search of “your” method among this variety, check out this one: it might be a perfect banking option for your purposes.

What Does Exactly Click2Pay Represent?

Click2Pay is an international payment system that serves as an intermediary between your bank and the institution to which you would like to transfer money. It was established in 2003 and belongs to the Wire Card AG Company situated in Germany.

The system applies an encryption technology to provide you with the highest level of security and confidentiality. You don’t need to share your private information with the casino: you can use it as an electronic wallet and attach a credit card to your Click2Pay personal account while being a customer without revealing it to the gambling website.

Click2Pay is widespread among the gamblers from any country due to its support of many different currencies and relatively high speed of transactions. However, it can be used for purchases of other goods and services in any online store which allows this payment method.

Pros and Cons of the Service

Few feature of this service are kind of attractive for those who care about simplicity and privacy of their payments:

  • Click2Pay carries out an operation using 128-bit encryption code which makes it safe;
  • You shouldn’t provide any data every time you want to send an inquiry: all the personal and financial information are being entered during the registration procedure;
  • Great opportunities to make an instant and immediate withdrawal (considering the request processing inside the casino);
  • Easily transfer money from one casino to another;
  • Attach Visa or Mastercard to buy whatever you want online;
  • Wide dissemination of this method among the casinos.

Still, this method has some disadvantages you should know before registering:

  • Sometimes you may be obliged to pay additional fees;
  • Long registration process;
  • The system is translated only into 10 languages while others are unavailable;
  • Low transfer amount limits while being a novice user of a service;
  • Few people in their reviews allege that customer support service is poor.

How to Create an Account

To join Click2Pay, you need to obtain an international credit card, for example, Visa Classic or. There are no other special requirements, and the registration process is free of charge. To open account follow this steps:

  1. Provide the system with the data about your personality and credit card;
  2. Immediately after registration, you should take a call from the support team to confirm your identity and the data entered during registration. Also, they will withdraw 5 Euro from your bank account. But don’t worry; it will be refunded within 7 days;
  3. Receive a Personal Account Number (PAN) which you will enter every time while paying for something using Click2Pay. The recipient will be not able to see your information besides this number and ID-code.

After the third step, your account is ready for use. By the way, you will be initially limited in the amount of money you can spend on purchases: the newcomer can enter or withdraw no more than $ 500 per week. You can send them scanned documents and make more deposit to get more stars and increase account’s value in the service.

Paying in Online Casino through Click2Pay

Make sure that the chosen company accepts deposits through Click2Pay. Hereupon, chose the corresponding option, fill the form with PAN and ID codes and specify the sum you would like to deposit. Press on “Confirm” button and enjoy your money playing games.

As you see, Click2Pay is very safe and simple option might come in handy for your online gambling. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend making aware of other deposit and withdrawal methods to understand which one is the best for you.

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