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Super Graphics Super Lucky Slot is a three reeled five paylines video slot by Realistic Games. It is a unique slot that can lead to remarkable wins despite being non-progressive. This slot machine has an excellent theme that borders between the traditional fruity theme and the Japanese manga theme. It has utilized well-crafted symbols such as tomatoes, oranges, lemons, watermelons, grapes, red sevens and golden bells. Mount Fuji is conspicuously seen behind the game symbols, and this certainly enhances the slot’s Japan-based theme.

The background consists of the magnificent snow-capped mountains, trees and meadows. Its graphics are relatively good although not as fascinating as other new modern slots. Most of the symbols are common icons that are used in many other games. The sounds and graphics are just basic and will not offer much intrigue to players. It becomes a little intriguing during a spin since the background tends to move from left to right, thus, changing the landscape.

Super Graphics Super Lucky is a typical Realistic Games slot. Just like others from this developer, it offers a realistic classical gaming experience that feels like a real casino. The slot can be easily recognized from a distance. It is very ideal for the original slot lovers.

You can play this game on a variety of devices. It is available online through your PC or smartphone. The increased use of smartphones has forced developers to build games that are fully optimized for mobile phones. The mobile game can be played no download instant play or through casino app. It is quite similar to the experience in the computer or even the physical slot machine in land-based casinos. The only difference is the size of the screen.

All you need to do to have an unforgettable experience is to choose the best casino platform that will offer a smooth and flawless gaming experience. Others will even offer free games which will enable you to gain familiarity with the game without taking risks. You should take full advantage of this opportunity in order to understand the dynamics of the game.


This is a retro game that is quite easy to understand at first glance. Actually, seasoned gamblers will get a firm grip of the gameplay after a single round or two of the game. It can be summarized in these steps:

  • Set the coin size
  • Spin
  • Auto Play (Optional)

The bet lines of the game are fixed at five, and players can only play with a single coin per line. This makes the game simple compared to other slots where players have to activate the desired number of lines and the number of coins to play per line. The least coin size is 0.25, and the maximum is 50. This makes the game ideal for the high rollers and the conservative gamblers.

Players can spin the reels normally, but those searching for more thrill can opt for the Auto Play option. This enables them to spin the reels continuously for a set number of times without stopping. It can increase your chances of winning on the same bet and even increase the thrill of playing this slot game. This feature is available in nearly all slots and is a favorite for experienced gamblers. However, you can still try it if you are a beginner for a chance to enjoy your slot games better.

Super Graphics Super Lucky Slot has a normal regular play as well as a bonus round that can lead to bigger wins. The regular game is just as simple as any other slot. Players win by aligning matching symbols from the left to right. Different game symbols have different values. The fruits are obviously the low paying symbols of the game.

  • Aligning three tomatoes leads to a payout of times 1 your bet.
  • Three lemons lead to obtaining times two your bet winning,
  • Three oranges can lead to a win of three times your wager.
  • The grapes can lead to a win of four times your bet.
  • The golden bells can lead to five times your wager.
  • You can win decent wins when you align three watermelons which lead to a win of twenty times your wager.
  • The priciest symbol of the slot is the red 7s symbols. It leads to the jackpot prize of the game which is 250 times your bet.

There is a bonus game that is activated by the blue and green capsule symbol. This is another coveted symbol of this game. It activates free spins which can lead to greater wins. If you align three capsules, you get twelve free spins. This bonus round occurs in another set of reels and can lead to significant prizes. Whenever you land a capsule on the center reel during this round, the multiplier of the jackpot prize increases by one.

The other capsules that appear subsequently will reveal a certain character on the left side of the reels. There are three characters that can be aligned at this point, the manga female characters and a cat. If you land all of them, you get to walk away with the jackpot prize of 250 times your wager. Actually, it is much easier to garner the jackpot win during the bonus round compared to when playing the regular games. The three red 7s tend to be very elusive making it difficult to land them.

The bonus game can also lead to greater multiplier values which can result in significant wins. Players can increase the multiplier by up to twelve times their wager at the end of this round. However, this is not a set standard, and it could be as low as three or four times. Nonetheless, if you are lucky to activate this round and lucky to get the most coveted results, then you can walk away with the incredible prize of two hundred and fifty times your wager.

This slot game does not have several bonus features nor the biggest bonuses. But, this free spins round is quite lucrative and can lead to great prizes. The game has a payout percentage of 95.35% which is quite high. This theoretically means that if you wager a total of $100, you will get $95.35 back. Most people do not believe in this concept because it is calculated in the long run, but you will definitely notice the difference when playing a slot game with high RTP. These slots tend to award wins more frequently; hence, players are likely to get a profit or at least their invested money back.

How to Win in Super Graphics Super Lucky Slot

Slots is entirely a luck based game; therefore, there are few or no winning strategies that can lead to sure wins. Actually, players should be very vigilant when reading articles about sure slots tips on the Internet because most of them are false. The most important part of excelling in any slot game is understanding the game fully. You can read reviews from credible sources and even play the game in order to do this effectively.

Fortunately, you can play free Super Graphics Super Lucky Slot games in a number of casinos. This enables you to master the gameplay and the bonus features without necessarily taking a risk. The free games are usually quite similar to the real money games, only that they use demo money instead of actual cash. You should always play these games severally and proceed to the real money games when you are ready. Actually, you can even test the tips mentioned in various articles and know the ones that work.

Secondly, the more you play Super Graphics Super Lucky Slot, the higher your chances of winning. Hence, you need to manage your bankroll perfectly so that you keep playing for longer. You should concentrate on the regular games and make several decent wins. This game has a higher RTP than other games in its sequel; therefore, it is likely to award wins often. Placing big bets when having a limited bankroll is a misdoing for any player. It will just prematurely cut short your betting time and reduce your chances of making any money.

Lastly, the most fundamental strategy is to gamble responsibly. You should bet only the amount of money you are willing to lose. Gambling on slots can be quite addictive; therefore, you must learn to control it in order to keep it fun. If you feel like you are losing a grip of your urges, you can use various measures put in place by the casino to help you gamble responsibly. Failure to control your desires will make betting a vice and will lead to social problems with family and friends. It will no longer be for fun.

Super Graphics Super Lucky Slot is one of the renowned slots that is played in the UK and across the board. It has basic sounds and graphics but still captivates players with its game play and fairly decent wins. This game is certainly one of Realistic Games’ best slots and is available in a number of online casinos. Playing this slot will certainly offer you worthwhile gaming experience.

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