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If you are an avid and frequent gamer, you might have come across a kind of reward system that is put aside for a particular type of people. Such rewards aim to make the gaming experience for these gamblers extra appealing. These gifts usually promise players great wins. The VIP reward system is unlike the typical reward system that is known to regular gamblers. Players who get invited to the VIP club are usually those that spend high amounts of money on gambling. This could go up to the thousands level. The standard rule though is pay more for more and better awards.

How to Join the VIP Casino Clubs

Due to the high competition amongst casinos, the management teams have come up with luring presents which they promise to give gamers if they achieve a specific task. In the VIP clubs, these prizes are higher and are given out frequently. More so, even in the same VIP clubs, there are levels which members are classified in. For one to move up a higher level, you need to have accumulated points which are awarded when you spend cash.

For example, if you deposit 1000 euros and use them up to place high stakes, you receive a point for every 10 euros spent. So for 1000 euros, you gain 100 points. After you get a specific number of points, say 1000, you can renew them for other gaming incentives. Alternatively, you can choose to keep collecting them so you can get better prizes.

As you acquire more points, you move up the ladder of the VIP levels. The available levels include:

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Diamond
  5. Platinum

For one to attain a status level, you need to pass a threshold specified by the casino. Every casino may ask for different amounts of points and other related requirements for one to move up the next level. Here is an example of a tier requirement board for all the levels.

  1. Bronze – 1,000 points as well as have engaged in not less than 100 real money games.
  2. Silver – 2,500 points and a minimum of 200 games.
  3. Gold – 4,000 points and have played at least 350 money games.
  4. Diamond – 5,000 points.
  5. Platinum – By invitation only.

Not every casino has all these levels. These requirements are also not the standard requirements. You may have to check with your preferred gambling site for the correct ones.

Another way one can become a VIP member is by paying to become one. Yes, there are a few of those casinos that give players the option of parting with some money for a chance to be one of the envied high rollers. This option would be best for those who are already conversant with the gambling world and are interested in joining a particular site due to their high RTP rates or huge wins.

Cash Back Forums

Gaming is never a sure exercise. You place your money on the line not knowing whether you will hit the jackpot or go home empty-handed. Considering VIP members usually bet using high amounts of cash, casinos have come up with a strategy for refunding gamblers a certain percentage of the money they had deposited if by any chance they lose the bet made. Here is how it is done:

  • Each casino will reimburse players according to the regulations set by their management.
  • A majority of them though, give back 10% of the cash, and a maximum of about 10,000$ is given per month.
  • Note that this is just an example of what can be given back.
  • Some casinos increase your cash back rebate percentage as you progress higher. Some gamers have received up to 30% cash back on the amount they lost. The casino will still have taken home a big chunk of their money.

If you would wish to know what your favorite casino gives back, check with their management team for such details, or read the terms and conditions that regard VIP reimbursement policies on the casino website.

VIP Games

When it comes to the VIP section, more than just the cash and points reward systems are applicable. It makes no sense to invite a gambler to be a high roller player only for them to meet the regular slot and progressive games. This is why casinos make the experience worthwhile by giving gamers different types of games.

A majority of these are exclusive live sports games. To spice things up, very thrifty spenders receive personal invitations or complimentary tickets to tournament sets like advanced blackjack and progressive million dollar jackpots. The invites can also extend to private parties that only elite members attend.

A few of the games that are exclusive to these members include:

  • VIP Deluxe Slot Machine
  • Jackpots
  • Roulettes
  • Keno
  • Live Sports games

This list is not standard to every casino as each has an exceptional selection of their favorites. To see more concerning that, check with your casino. Also, keep in mind that new games are offered from time to time to make it even more fun

Money VS Free Games

Contrary to what many may believe, the VIP section has quite an impressive number of free games. Yes, even the rich like to test waters before they can place their hard earned cash on the line. As usual, free games only provide you with the experience needed before you delve into money games. The online sets that are free will vary from one casino to the other. Sadly, playing free games will not get you invited to those high-end sports that are worth millions in stakes. The bottom line is, even as a significant person in the casino, you can still play for fun.

For a more entertaining and engaging experience, betting with money is advised. However, to avoid making significant losses especially when it comes to using bonuses to wager, check the regulations stipulated online by each casino as well as the UK Gambling Commission. Some information could save you lots of money and time.

All casinos have wagering requirements when it comes to using up the bonus cash to bet. It’s good to know what is expected of VIP players especially since they receive a substantially high amount of the coins.

Casinos offering VIP services also consider how compatible their games are to the players’ devices. They ensure that all the games they have are available either in download or no download versions. The comfort of gamers comes first because they could lose high-paying clients due to such reasons.

Prizes Offered to VIP and High Roller Players

Gifting online gamblers who are in this category is much more different than when doing the same to regular gamers. All players have an opportunity to accumulate points as they play, which can be renewed for various gifts. However, VIP level betting enthusiasts earn the points twice much faster than normal ones.

This makes them pile up their points in a shorter span of time than it would have taken them if they were just another usual day to day gambler. You can redeem these points to get the following prizes:

  • Cash – If you are in the middle of a game and you are required to add some amount of money for it to progress to the next level, you can renew the points to get cash which you can use to wager. Alternatively, on those days when you do not have any legal tender with you and would like to indulge in a game or two, these come in handy.
  • Holidays – Much as it is hard to believe, you can actually redeem points for a vacation or go on a cruise. VIP players spend up to $10,000 in a day to place bets. If they play games like slots, keno and scratch cards, players earn even more points as opposed to the likes of blackjack and video poker games. The casino gives you options for the type of destinations available and depending on how many loyalty points you have; you can get to visit some of the top holiday destinations in the globe courtesy of the casino.
  • Free spins – You can attain more spins by redeeming the points accumulated in your account. This gives you more wagering chances, and you can do this as many times as are allowed by the casino.

It goes without saying that this gambling level is not for the faint of heart or those who are not willing to part with extra money. This is a level where significant spenders are encouraged to experiment. One of the best things to consider first is the legitimacy of the casino which you may have identified to join as a VIP member.

The reason behind this is that scammers may target unsuspecting players for their own interests. As much as VIP players are promised high bonuses, extreme multipliers, great RTP benefits as well as other enticing prizes, sometimes digging a little more in-depth will lessen the heartaches. Before investing your money anywhere, check to see the responses made by others who have tried the casino.

Too many positive reviews without any real negatives are some of the things to look out for. Too many negative reviews are also an indicator that the casino is not reputable. Another essential aspect to be on the lookout for is the customer service response rate. VIP members receive all the best regarding treatment, customer care, and more. If you see people complaining that the customer service team is a bit lag when it comes to responding to inquiries or solving even minor issues, leave.

At the end of the day, you are looking to have fun and make money. Keep in mind that you do not have to spend all your money in one day. Responsible gaming is always the best kind of gambling.

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