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Statistics show that slot machines are well recognized all over the world. Having become a gambling sensation in the recent past, they feature in all casinos. A lot of people, therefore, have probably crossed paths with the slot machine games one way or another. Thus, we all at times think we know all there is to know concerning slot machines. However, that is far from the truth.

We have dug deep into the history, design, and production of slots and have found out some facts. These facts are unknown to most of the slot gamers even the most experienced ones. We are happy to share with you our findings. They will give you a competitive edge over the game. In this article, we reveal to you the list of unknown facts about slots.

Player Time on the Machine

Slot manufacturers want you to spend the most time on the slot machine. If they can double the time you devote to the machine then the profitability of the game increases. Unknown to the clients, therefore, the developers strive to enhance the machine’s aesthetics to the best of their ability. No wonder slots have become colorful and more appealing by the day. So, the next time you feel glued to the game and can’t take yourself away from it remember this little fact. The more you are hooked on, the more cash they make off of you. Anyway, that isn’t a greater concern to the player at least not as much as landing the big win in the end.

Slot Machines Have Hidden Odds

The above is no new fact. Nevertheless, many people have little knowledge about it. Slots don’t openly reveal their odds. If you take for instance blackjack, you can quite easily figure out what the odds are. We know the number of cards, and from that, we can calculate the dealer’s advantage. In the dice game as well, we are aware that the dice has just six phases and so the odds are pretty obvious. The slot machine, however, has hidden odds. You cannot calculate the probability of an individual pattern of symbols appearing on the reels.

Thus, you could be sitting on a machine offering a house advantage of 5% and never know it. In fact, two adjacent machines could be configured with entirely different odds.

Slot Machines Generate the Casino’s Biggest Revenue

When gambling was still in its infant stages, slots were just a by the way. Major games were blackjack and the rest. Slots were conveniently located away from the main gaming area. They were mainly used for fun to keep people company as they waited for their gaming friend or family who was playing the real money games.

The tables have turned now. Slots are the primary source of revenue for the casino. If you visit any casino, the number of slots is large, probably even more than other casino games. They earn the casinos close to 70% or 80% of their entire revenue.

The Progressive Jackpot Beats the Lottery

Here we want to compare the lottery and the progressive jackpot. Our study reveals that the jackpot is much more profitable than the lottery. Slots have in the past dished out among the most incredible cash amounts as jackpot wins. One time, a guy walked away with $30 million from just a 100 dollar bet. There are three kinds of these progressive jackpots:

  • Standalone Jackpots. They are confined to a single slot machine. So the prize only increases when a play occurs on that particular machine.
  • Local Area Jackpot. It is tied to slots in the same casino. If any of the machines are played, the award grows.
  • Wide Area Jackpot. This is the greatest of the three. It spans across machines in several casinos located in a zone. The jackpot starts at very high values, as high as $10 million dollars for example.

There Is No Such Thing as a Hot or Cold Machine

There has been spreading a rumor about machines being either hot or cold. Perpetrators of this fallacy claim that hot machines are more likely to keep giving cash outs. According to them, a machine that has been regularly producing winners is bound to go on like that. Others state that when a machine has gone for long without players on it winning, that machine is on the verge of delivering a huge win.

What they do not know is that none of the above is true. Every round on the machine has an equal chance of a win. If the first has a one in a hundred chance, the second and third will have the same odds. Moreover, each round is independent of the previous, and neither does it influence the succeeding one.

Slot Machine Gamblers Are Addicted Faster

Initially, uncontrolled gambling was in no way considered as an addiction. Now, however, the signs are quite clear that it is. That way, we can introduce the fact that it is easier to be addicted to the slot machines than to any other gambling endeavor. Statistics reveal that gamblers on the slots fall into addiction three to four times faster than their counterparts on the casino floor. We have sought to establish why it so and have come up with the following proven facts:

  1. Popularity of the Game
    The slot machine is incredibly popular around the world. It is readily available and easy to play. You can access it online with no download and play instantly. Moreover, the bets required are very affordable to almost anyone. Thus, more people find themselves playing the slot machines.
  2. Rapid Stimulation
    The fundamental principle behind addiction is stimulation and de-stimulation of the brain. As the process continues, the brain adjusts to the stimuli. As a result, it progressively demands more of the stimuli to be able to achieve the same level of stimulation as before. Since slot machine games are fast, there is rapid activation and deactivation which facilitates addiction faster.

Online and Offline Machines Have the Same Principle

Thanks to the online slot machines we have the option for free slot games with no deposit needed. However, people are skeptic about the authenticity of these web-based machines. The truth is that whether web-based or land-based, the slot machine works on the same principle. There is a random number generator running in the background for both offline and online versions.

Slot Machine Strategies Don’t Work

We have to let you know this fact because many unsuspecting gamers are conned their money for not knowing. If anyone suggests to you a system developed to predict machine outcomes, they are lying through their teeth. No strategy can work on the slot machine. The game is purely a matter of chance. Here are two forms of the misconception;

  • The Zig Zag system
    This system looks at the arrangement of symbols on the screen when the machine is not in play. They look for a zig zag pattern which to them indicates the prospects of winning on the particular machine. The truth is it does not work. The random number generator makes sure the rounds are just as random as random can be.
  • The Gambler’s Fallacy
    This falsehood is based on the theory that a machine that has had players regularly winning on it will in the next session of round give no wins. The slot gaming fallacy claims that a machine that has been dormant is more likely to give wins in the next rounds. Of course, that is contrary to the principle of random rounds. No turn is dependent on another.

Slot Machines are ‘Skinner Boxes’

The Skinner box theorem was postulated by B Skinner. He studied the behavioral pattern of animals towards rewards. He presented the animals with two boxes; one giving awards consistently and the other periodically. The animals showed preference to periodic results. The result was extrapolated to human behavior concerning the slot machines. It explains that people play slots because they offer rewards randomly. The conclusion, therefore, is that if they did pay a bonus for every round of the game, probably no one would be playing them.

We hope these facts have enlightened you and added to your knowledge pool of UK slot machines. Thus, you can stay ahead of others in the game. Remember, knowledge is power. So take this power and apply it to the slots and increase your payout.

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