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For the largest of the population worldwide, betting is regarded as a game for the rich. Though most middle-level income earners have an increased affinity for bet games, there has also come a new category of gamers – those hoping to make a quick buck and will risk it all; sometimes irresponsibly and ending up with detrimental losses that set them back financially a huge deal.

  • All over the world, more and more authorities are tightening the grip on betting by adding more regulation in the name of heavy taxes, stiffer penalties for violation of a more strict code and an inhibiting licensing regime. These are all in the name of limiting the number of casinos since if left unregulated; there would otherwise be a mushrooming of gambling houses in every corner of the city.
  • As stiffer regulation gripped the setting up of casinos, there came about a new frontier, well packaged in the name of online gaming. This proved a heaven for gamers as a lot of countries did not have any regulation on internet based activities, and it would have taken some time for legislation to be crafted and enacted that will regulate betting activities online.
  • Furthermore, for middle-level income countries and developing countries, the legislation would take even more time as it would not be deemed as a matter of priority. And if it happened that such legislation was fronted for enactment, corruption in the government would ensue, and the laws will end up not being enacted, or a heavily edited version of the law would eventually be passed leaving some loopholes that make an investment in gambling such a lucrative business.

The increased use of technology and technological advancement in the use of mobile phones, affordable, fast Internet and increased use of digital currency have also contributed immensely to creating a conducive environment where gaming will thrive, and gaming house entrepreneurs are constantly looking out for countries that are yet to catch up with regulations and setting shop there. As the game becomes more and more lucrative, decisions that would jeopardize the growth of the game are fought by hook or crook to keep the game going as the masses remain hooked. It is not a wonder to find most USA and UK indigenous betting companies spreading their wings in Africa, Asia, Middle East and South America where it is known legislation is yet to be tightened, or government officials can be influenced to go easy on gambling activities.

Land based casinos had been branded the mother of all evils;

  • mostly being associated with loose moral women,
  • hardcore criminals,
  • habitual drunkards,
  • conmen
  • and tax evaders.

This had meant that if anyone was seen to be associated with anything casino, they were considered the enemy of the community.  This for a long time has acted as a deterrent to the grown of the game and kept the number of people willing to play in casinos at a manageable non-consequential low. But this made casino owners more creative in the pursuit of avenues to grow the game leading them to explore technology as an avenue for the growth of the game.

One key product that can be attributed to the dramatic change in the sudden turnaround of the game is the Internet.

Internet connectivity provided a platform that had minimum regulation in terms of

  • Advertising,
  • Jurisdiction,
  • and operationalization of casinos.

This was the big break gamers were waiting for since the evil associated with frequenting a particular housing block that was otherwise branded as the mother of all evil was removed as anyone could play the game on their mobile phone so long as they had an internet connection. And before regulation catches up, millions of money will have changed hands. This was good news both for the gamblers and their clientele.

It was even sweeter news for the masses who had never tried their hand in a game of betting in their life. Since there was no-one to brand the game as evil, even the crusaders of good morals were sucked in by this whirlwind as it subtly packaged goodies in the name of sweet payouts while taking advantage of unregulated advertising on the internet to attract as many players to the game as the game could hold.

The internet provided casinos with a platform that offered

  • Anonymity
  • Exponential growth. The establishments that were previously limited by sitting space now could grow once there were no wall restrictions on casino operations
  • Little or no regulation in terms of advertising, taxation, Internet use policy and control of digital currency framework
  • No jurisdiction as to where the game is played
  • A myriad of licensing options to roll out the game in multiple countries
  • Cheaper Management cost as there were no overheads for electricity, rent, salaries and machine maintenance, cleaning, and security
  • A myriad of new games as the casino owners has a variety of game developers to choose from, some of whom were even ready to lease the games on the casino’s online platform

This in return meant the game what was demonized when it was land-based became an angel and a messenger of good luck once it was taken online, becoming an admiration even to the once negative crusaders of casinos. Furthermore, as most African, South American and Asian countries are still wallowing in poverty and have no regulation on online betting, let alone concrete legislation on setting up casinos, game house owners would get cheap licenses and cleverly crafted articles of operation that exploited all the money-making loopholes that these countries were still ignorant. Thereby, they make a quick buck as it would be a long while before regulation finally catches up.

The online games are created to emulate the land based slots and creatively improved for a more Virtual experience. Here below are the similarities and differences in land / online slots:

Land based Slots Online Slots
Able to play on a real machine Playing done on a virtual Display
Limited to time as some casinos have Operating hours Not restricted to operating hours as the game is played virtually
Subject to heavy statutory regulations Less punitive regulation
Physical rewards offered on winning including drinks and accommodation Rewards offered in terms of bonuses and free plays

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