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History and Evolution of Monopoly

Monopoly is a board game which was very successful in the 20th century. It’s still being played and is a common feature in many social gaming gatherings. The game was created as a strategy to combat the degrading results of land monopolization by private entities. The game has a dispute as to who claims the original creation. It pits Elizabeth Magie against Charles Darrow.

Elizabeth Magie was the predecessor to Darrow. In 1903, she created a game known as “The Landlord’s Game”, from which monopoly stemmed. She used it to educate the society on the pitfalls of exclusive land ownership. The game was based on Georgism doctrines, which used spill rate tax to rectify land monopolization.

Charles Darrow developed Monopoly, the version that is currently played. He lost his job during the Great Depression of the United States of America. With the help of his family, he developed Monopoly after playing similar versions with neighbors and friends. In 1933, he patented the game and was handed the copyrights. The game’s adoption by all levels of the public soon made him the first millionaire in the game development industry.

Monopoly is so comparatively easy to play that a kid aged ten can comprehend the gameplay well enough. The two most important abilities are:

  1. Resource management
  2. Negotiation

The game deals with buying, renting, and selling of property. To win, one must have possession of all property in the game. The game has a board, dice, monopoly money bills, three different cards, houses, tokens, hotels, and a rules and instructions booklet. Two to eight players can play the game. It takes two to four hours of consecutive play to finish a single game.

Monopoly slot games gained prominence due to the success of the board game. The slots available are from prominent game slot developers such as:

  • WMS – This is the earliest monopoly slot machine By 2001, it had established the first monopoly-themed slot. A celebrated software designer from the USA. It has decades of experience in progressing participation slots in numerous casinos. Currently, it operates as a division of Scientific Games.
  • Gamesys – The developer from the UK has been in the industry for a decade and has hundreds of slots under its belt. The organization boasts well over twenty million players worldwide. Two of the most successful monopoly slots came from Gamesys, which are Monopoly Paradise Mansion and Monopoly City Spins.
  • Barcrest Games – A portfolio of Rainbow riches slots and popular fruit slots are just a few of the many mentionable titles the company has released. It has changed hands from IGT to Scientific Games or SG gaming. The software guru from the UK has five decades of experience in the gaming enterprise. Monopoly Big Event slot was one of their Monopoly-themed establishments.

Popular Monopoly Slots

Hundreds of slots float on most casinos for free and real money. In this segment, we will tackle the five best monopoly slots in terms of winning combinations, maximum and minimum bet amounts, return to player percentage (RTP), bonus features, and maximum and minimum win payouts.

  • Super Monopoly Money
    This low-risk slot is from WMS. It’s both a land-based and online slot. Its bet range is vast, and winning is common even with minimum bets. The video slot has twenty-five win lines and five reels. The coin range varies from point three five to one hundred and five. The amount wagered varies from thirty-five pence to one hundred and five Euros. It’s a progressive jackpot and the maximum coin value to be won stands at twenty-five thousand.The graphics are superb, with a bridge connecting Big Ben and the Eiffel tower used as the background. The sound effects are nostalgic with Mr.Monopoly voiceovers and musical tunes, enhancing the play mood.To win in the online game, the player has to target right combinations of several symbols on different reels. The high-value symbols are the stacked and wild symbols. Monopoly Money symbol acts as the stacked icon. When it appears on the fifth reel, it awards a win of five times the bet stake, bonus wheel, and eventually moves the player to the next level.The best bonus features are the free spins, Monopoly Money, and free parking feature. The free spins range from eight, ten, and a maximum of fifteen. They are triggered by the appearance of three or more bonus symbols in any of the reels in a consecutive order. The community chest and chance cards are valuable in increasing the stake. The hotels and house have low-value credits ranging from five to twenty.

    The game has a ninety-five point nine seven player back percent, but the downside is in the lack of a multiplier.

  • Monopoly Big Event
    Barcrest games never disappoint, and in the Monopoly Big Event slot, it does some recommendable work. The slot has five reels and twenty-five bet lines. With a maximum bet of five hundred coins, the win goes as high as a whopping two hundred and fifty thousand coins. The slot is high risk, and similarly rewarding when playing big bets.An interesting trait is an increase in the player back percentage when wagering huge bets. The RTP moves from ninety-six to ninety-nine percent. The free spins mode is activated when a wager of more than twenty dollars is placed and reaches its peak with a wager of thirty dollars. The winning chance can never be higher than that.The classification of the slot cards is open. There are guaranteed winning cards and free cards that also advance to the progressive jackpot. The guaranteed winning cards ensure that regardless of the outcome there is a win. The free spins, on the other hand, can just flow endlessly with no return.Some other important features are the jail symbol and hotel locked free spins. Jail symbol is a lock symbol. Its manifestation during free spins nails down the exhibition of lower paying symbols. The hotel locked symbol locks the wild symbol, and it remains so during subsequent free spins.

    This high-risk slot requires a large budget for a chance of winning a salivating amount. Regular wins and numerous bonus features make the slot worth it.

  • Epic Monopoly
    A large and slow loading jackpot slot, the game is fourth in the Monopoly series by WMS. It requires no download on mobile devices but has to be downloaded for Windows and Mac computers. The game has two sets of reels, the five by four common reels, and five by twelve large reels with one hundred win lines.The graphics are moderate, and tunes played are relaxing. This is a low to medium slot, with bets going as high as fifty Euros and a low of fifty pence. The symbols used are monopoly characters of the dog, house, dice, hotel, Mr.Monopoly, and the wild Epic Monopoly logo.The free spins range from seven to twenty, with special features and bonus rounds also accommodated among them. The multipliers make up for lack of the scatter symbol and irregular payouts. The RTP is mediocre at a paltry ninety-six point seven four percent.
  • Monopoly City Spins
    Gamesys was not left behind in designing monopoly gaming theme slots. The slot was availed in selected casinos, and an exclusive launch was done at Jackpot Joy. The graphics are familiar, and the tunes set in a fun mood. The symbols used are a boat, black cab, buses, and bikes, which are queer among top characters in monopoly. The slot has thirty bet lines and five reels where any punter can stake a maximum of ninety Euros on all lines. The maximum win stands at five thousand dollars.Bonus features are free spins, wild features, and the monopoly board bonus. The bonus game is a bit deep. Free spins are activated by property symbols while monopoly board feature is triggered by bonus symbols. That is novel among monopoly games. The wild symbol substitutes any character in the bet line and is a rarebit during gameplay.

The lack of an auto spin feature and common bonus rounds are a letdown. The bonus rounds, though irregular, are massive once they are triggered.

Monopoly games are in tens across any casino. There are other versions worthy of a mention, namely:

  • Monopoly Rising Riches
  • Monopoly Roulette Tycoon
  • Monopoly Paradise Mansion
  • Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties
  • Monopoly Bring the House Down
  • Monopoly Pass Go
  • Monopoly on a Roll

All the slots mentioned above are now online and found in leading casinos. The can be found as free, or non-free slots. Use of flash website has enabled instant gameplay with non-installations, or downloads. These slots are diverse and have a presence in the social gaming sector. Monopoly slots were the most successful slot until recently when it closed down. A few remaining slots can be found on Facebook.

The following are some of the best casinos where gamers can sample monopoly slots either for free or real money.

  • Vegas Casino
  • Monopoly Casino
  • Online Casino
  • Slotozilla
  • 7red Casino
  • Lucky Mobile Slots Casino

Slot software designers are becoming more aware of recent customers’ requirements such as slots for fun. The norm of releasing games with a theme on nostalgic experiences, popular cultures, celebrities, and rich lifestyles is quickly gaining relevance.  The main industry players mentioned above are facing stiff competition from veterans such as IGT, with 3 Monopoly versions in 4 years, more is yet to come.

The emerald with Monopoly is in the memories it holds. The new entrants have known this and hence stuck to day one characters, with less variation. This protects customer base firmly. Casinos now entice players with no deposit free spins, no registration, and many other goodies to hitch lifelong monopoly enthusiasts.

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