New Slots 2018

There are two important months for slot game fans: February and October. In February, a trade show named ICE is held in Europe. In this fair, all the prestigious slot game developers promote the new titles they plan to publish that year. There is also a G2E fair in October. It is held in Las Vegas and we get to see what slots we are going to play during the holiday season, and we also get tips about the new titles to be released in 2018. There is still time for the G2E fair, but the ICE Fair has already been arranged. As every year, the developer companies introduced their new collections and gave information about the games to be published throughout the year and the new technologies planned to be used. Let's take a closer look at the new slots this year that companies already published and planning to publish: Here are new online slots 2018.

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Important Symbols

It contains different normal and 2 special symbols. The slot logo has the highest value, and you can win massively if you get two of them together. You need 3 other similar symbols in order to create a winning combination. Let’s have a look at the important symbols of this slot:

  • Wild: The Centurion logo is the wild in Centurion, and it has the ability to replace every other symbol of the game except the extra card.
  • Special Bonus: A special bonus feature can be activated by getting 3 similar symbols on any of the active paylines. There are 4 bonus games that can be triggered by triggering this feature.
  • Bonus #1: In this game, you have to stop at a certain field, and you can win different multipliers according to the field. If you land on an arrow, you can go through for the next round. The game stops if you stop on a field with “collect” written over it.
  • Bonus #2: In this game, the player gets to move a dice on a board. If you land on a multiplier, your winnings would be multiplied by the number your dice resides on. You can roll the dice a limited number of times, but the number can be increased if you land on the dice sign. When the player reaches the end of the board, he/she can bag massive winnings due to huge payout and the jackpot option if the game is being played with real money.
  • Bonus #3: During this feature, the player is able to win different wild powers. Starting with placing some icons in the second sequence, then going on to placing blocks in 2nd and 3rd row and finishing with placing blocks on 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel. If the player is able to place the same symbol on the first row as well as on the last row, he/she can win the maximum prize on that card.
  • Bonus #4: In this feature the player has to spin two reels in which one decides the number of free spins and the other decides the multiplier. You can win up to 20 free spins at maximum and a 10x multiplier. The stake is the same as selected in the base mode and the game ends when there aren’t more free spins available.

Extra Bonuses

If you think that the bonuses end with these few bonus games, then you are wrong. Centurion slots provide more special features which can be triggered automatically whenever a Roman trumpet comes out from the bush. Let’s have a look at all the special features:

  • Feature #1: When this feature is activated three or five columns are converted into one row, and only one icon is present on the row afterward. You can get across on all the paylines. If there is a match between extra-large cards and the other two rows you can enjoy the payout of five matching cards.
  • Feature #2: When this feature is triggered you can have an opportunity to win an additional bonus round.
  • Feature #3: You can bag huge winnings whenever 5 of the same kind of symbols appear on the active paylines. The payout is different for combinations created by different cards.


There is an option to play free Centurion casino slot machine without spending anything, but you only win real money when you are spending few bucks during the gameplay. It is a highly rewarding slot with various special features and bonus rounds. No download is required as Centurion online is available on different casino platforms inside and outside of the UK. All the slot lovers would be happy to play it because of its overall gameplay and multiple winning options. Protection Status