Online Slots with Real Cash

Online casinos are a great way to refresh your mind and entertain yourself. But what if you can earn some real money while doing that? Till now you must have been playing online casinos for free, just for fun. But if you are into online casinos and good at it, you should definitely give a try playing with real money. It is worth the shot. Playing with real money is very simple. If you are in the UK, it is even easier for you to play. Some of the casinos are available only in certain countries as gambling is not legal in those countries. The UK is preferred by almost all of the casinos. Most simple game to start is online cash slots. They are very addictive, easy for beginners and payouts are high if you are willing to risk.

How to Start Playing with Real Cash?

There are some remarkable points which should be kept in mind for beginners. Here is a simple guide which will give you a head start in online slots.

  1. Choose casinos games wisely:
    There are numerous online casinos which offer more than 400 games on their site. The first thing which you should be aware of is fraud sites and scams. There are some blacklisted casinos, and hence you should check out from as many sources you can possibly try. You can check trusted sites on various casino review sites. For most of the casinos no download is required and run fine on PC and Mac both.
  2. Look out for free “cash no deposit online slots”
    Many casinos offer a coupon code or bonuses which user can avail to play for real cash winnings without depositing real money. The no cash deposit can range from $20-$99 or even more. Some casinos offer free spins for your slot gaming. Free bonus spins range starts from “+50 spins” on most of the reputed slots.
    This is the best way to come into the game if you want to try your luck before risking any real money. So keep your eyes open for the maximum bonus a casino offers. You can also search for coupon codes on some affiliate coupon sites.
  3. Deposit money:
    Different casinos have different deposit methods. Some of them are Master Card, Visa, Bank transfers, and others. Chose the payment method which is fastest and secure than others. Before depositing make sure that casino and deposit method is available in your country. Depending on the payment method and the casino the deposit can take from up to 24-48hrs.
    One of the fastest ways to deposit is using Bitcoins. Yes, you heard it right. Some casinos are accepting payment via Bitcoins. The deposit is almost instant, and you can start playing with it right away. So if you have some Bitcoins to spare, this is the best way.
    Also, some of the casinos offer to double your initial deposit or give some of it back as cashback or free slot spins. There is no harm in availing as many offers as you can get.
  4. Choose game wisely:
    There are many games in an online casino. One can easily get lost in more than 400+ games per casino. So you have to make your strategy beforehand. Fix your aim, you want to win more, or you are playing casually just for fun and hoping to win.

In both the situations, online cash slots are the best way to start your casino journey to the top.

Why to Play Online Cash Slots?

Even if there are many games, here is why you should go for Slots.

  • Easy for beginners: Everyone knows what a slot basically does. It does not require any specialized training or skills. Just roll the reels, and you’ll win when same objects line up. But online casinos allow a lot of winning combinations. E.g. Objects in a line, object diagonally, three objects together in any specific way. There are also three reels and five reels to choose from different slots. It entirely depends on the slot game you picked so read the rules carefully before entering into any slot game.
  • Start with small amount: You can start with as low as 75 cents. In this total, you can win a lot more, so the return ratio is more. For some slots no deposit to win real cash is there as explained earlier.
  • The Jackpot: Yes, slots offer too much money to win. While many pots are fixed, some are progressive. It means that the more people playing the same slot, the higher the jackpot will be. The jackpot may start from $8Millions and go all the till $33Millions or even more. You may be tempted to play for the higher amount by giving small money, but remember, higher the prize lesser are the odds. So choose slot machines which have lowest Jackpots to improve your odds of hitting a jackpot.
  • Intriguing Storyline: Those who have a thing for stories will find slots rather interesting than any other casino games. Every slot revolves around a general theme, no puns intended. These themes range from sports, mystical, mythology to college, jungle, ancient, and even horror. Various characters give you bonuses and story progress as you play more and more.
  • Too many bonuses and free spins to offer: Online slots are known for their bonuses and free spins. You will be awarded free spins now and then. If you are playing story based slots, then there are character bonuses which include spins, multipliers and more.

Strategy for Casino Slots for Winning Real Cash

Even if slot machines are random and you cannot master any particular skill to win it, you are free to make your strategies to win.

Play with the lowest denomination:

If you are a beginner, you should always play with the lowest available denomination. This way you will lose less money per hour. But if your stakes are lower the winning odds will suffer. There is always a trade-off between the stake and winning chances which you will optimize as you play more.

Chose the machine with the smallest Jackpot:

It is a straightforward equation; lower the amount of money, the easier it is to win. So don’t be tempted to aim high in the initial rounds.

Use Autoplay feature:

Auto play feature will play for you. Just set an amount you want to play in each round and start autoplay. You can choose when to stop autoplay, upon winning, hitting a no. of spins, or other options.

Payouts Methods

Upon winning you have to withdraw money from the slot and transfer it to your bank account. Normally, the can take 24-48hrs, but in some casinos, it can also take up to 10 days. So if you payout want a faster payout, choose the casino and slot accordingly. There are many payment options, bank deposits, visa, master, among others. Again, Bitcoin is the fastest way to withdraw your money.

Try Chat Support

You should always judge a casino on the basis of their customer support. If you have any issue with your deposit or payout, they are there to help you out. While many casinos provide 24×7 chat support, there are some who have fixed timings. So always choose your casino which has an acclaimed customer support service.


Online slots with real cash are an easy way to make some fast money, but you should be aware of the risks. Never invest the money you can’t afford. Protection Status