Windows Phone Slots

Bill Gates has been a household name for decades. The age-old saying has never been truer in this case, you either want to be him or be like him! The co-founder of the Microsoft Corporation, the largest PC software company, has for a long time remained at the pinnacle of the software industry, thanks to the majority shares he holds in Microsoft. Gates is arguably, one of the biggest beneficiaries of the personal computer revolution. As the best-known entrepreneur of the revolution, Gates has worked hard to build his business empire and ensure that Microsoft Corporation remains in pole position in the software industry. The need to stay competitive and ahead of the pack in the cutthroat software business has sometimes earned Gates the label of being anti-competitive due to some of the business models he practices. Nevertheless, Gates, during his time as Chairman and CEO of Microsoft Corporation, ensured that the company remained relevant in the products it brought to the market and at the same time, evolved with the times to ensure it remained competitive.

For many years, Microsoft had not ventured into the mobile phone market. This segment had been left to other players and manufacturers to exploit without any competition from the technological giant fully. The absence of Microsoft in this field was however not to be permanent. At some point in the recent past, Microsoft has noticed that there is a significant number of users who are interested in windows based mobile devices that fall in the mobile phone category, which is still steadily growing and developing. The need to respond to critics in this market segment is exacerbated by the continuous taunting of the giant manufacturer that the death of the PC had arrived. Microsoft, therefore, found it necessary to make a presence in this category and quite frankly, could not ignore the masses that had moved to use mobile devices as their primary communication and business devices.

In recent years, we have seen Microsoft respond to the mobile market requirements by making available smartphones that based on the Windows operating system. We have also seen the launch of the Windows-based tablets; Windows Surface. It has therefore been necessary to have online casinos creating Windows Slots and Windows Online slots, to cater for this market segment.

The majority Windows devices currently in the market run on the Windows 8 Operating System. As a standard for Windows-based devices, the Smartphone and Tablets have as a standard,  Internet Explorer, which is the Microsoft default browser. The browser is quite capable and user-friendly. Any user of a mobile device running on a Windows platform can use this browser to access Windows Online Slots and Windows Online Slots for real money.

For the ardent fan of online casinos, who play slots on personal computers, the windows based mobile devices are the closest there is to the experience you will otherwise enjoy on a personal computer. Windows Slots and Windows Online Slots have been developed with the intention to mimic, as closely as possible, what is the usual experience when using a personal computer. The most obvious drawback when playing Windows Online Slots and Windows slots for Real Money on your Windows mobile phone or Windows Surface, will be the screen size. For a personal computer, there is acreage of space that can be exploited to give a perfect view of the reels and other general information like bet amount and whether the player is winning or not. All this has been compressed to fit on the smaller mobile device screen. The smaller screen size has in no way reduced the quality of experience the player will have as every effort has been made to ensure that all the essential information required by a player is clearly and adequately presented.

How to Play?

Unlike the now popular iOS and Android-based mobile devices, windows based devices have not had the same success as the pre-mentioned. The poor performance has been due to many factors and challenges that come with this market. Maybe the fact that Microsoft took quite a while to join the bandwagon could be one of the major reasons why it never quite came in with a bang. Someone might have expected that being the technological giant it is, it would have found it relatively easy to take over the market, but this has been far from the truth. iOS and Android-based mobile devices are now light years ahead of their Windows-based counterparts.

It is therefore not surprising that online casinos are also not offering as many options on windows mobile applications as they are offering on the other two operating systems. This limited number of choices makes it a bit restricting on where a player can find windows slots and windows slots for real money, compared to what is available on the other two competitors operating systems. However, it is not impossible to find Online Slots for windows, which can be accessed through the device’s internet explorer browser and even some Windows Online Slots for Real Money.

If you need to have any of the windows slots applications on your phone, it will be necessary for you to download and install the application from an online casino that can run on a windows based device. Installing the application can be done easily as the process is similar to installing other applications on your windows mobile device. You will need to visit the Windows Phone Store and search for the available options. You can visit the store through your browser. For cases where the mobile device has detected, it has access to the internet, the application will be sent remotely to your device, and you can click on install and proceed as required. In case the device is detected to be offline, an email with a link to the application you need to install will be sent to the email address you provide. You can access the application by clicking on the link when access to the internet is available.

The easier and my preferred way of accessing Windows slots and Windows Online Slots for real money is through the mobile device browser. In this case, you need to go to the Online Casino Website. You will require creating an account as a player by registering with the necessary credentials and signing into the site. If you already have an account, its even a lot easier as all you need to do is sign in, and you can access the Windows Online Slots and windows online slots for real money. It is important to note that, to play Windows Online Slots for Real Money, you will need to credit your Casino account with actual money. You can deposit the money through the many available online payment options as online Casinos support multiple payment options as necessary.

Is it Safe?

Most reputable online Casinos have put in place security measures to ensure that the players are protected and that any transaction done is safe and secure. The measures include security features such as encryption software that will keep the data being transmitted available and visible only to authorized entities for the purpose required. Playing windows online slots and windows slots for real money on your mobile device is no different than playing on your personal computer. It, however, gives you more freedom and latitude to enjoy your Windows Slots at an instant, even when on the move, and still be able to make bets with real money, Slots for Windows are developed while taking into consideration the players need to have their personal and banking information secure and safe. Some of the popular and well know windows phone casinos include;

  • LeoVegas Casino
  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • 888 Casino

Like any other online transaction, you as a player should take all measures to ensure that you transact with reputable casinos that have taken the required steps to protect you. In this case, due diligence cannot be overstated, and you cannot, literally, afford to overlook this fact. It is, therefore, your prerogative to only make a transaction with real money in casinos that meet the minimum requirements for the safety of your personal and banking information before you can proceed to transact with them. If it does not pass the smell test, do not take a risk, so you better know what a rat smells like! Protection Status