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If you are a gambler or a dedicated video slot casino player, you know already that you are in the game to play and win. However, winning is not that easy. In fact, several people have been playing online video slots and yet they have never won even a dime. I mean, every player is out there looking for a perfect video slot they can play at. In this case, being perfect doesn’t imply that it should have some very fancy design or impressive graphics. There is a lot that describes a good slot machine. After all, you are not playing for graphics but to win. What you should be looking out for in a video slot is the percentage of the payouts. And since most casinos will not readily give out this information to players, it is always an excellent move to ask for the information before you decide to bet any money. I am not implying that this information will help you beat the systems in any way, but it will give you a head start and motivation to play the game.

There is also the variance. Most video slots will have four types of variances including low, medium, high and very high. If you get a slot with a very high variance, it means that the chances of winning are very slim. However, slots with very high variances will have bigger payouts if you are lucky enough to win anything. A few coins could transform your life, or you will just watch them disappear in front of your eyes. If you get the highest combinations in such video slots, you could get rewarded with a maximum of 10,000 coins which could mean a lot considering the amount of money wagered.

On the other hand, video slots with medium variances will automatically have less payout for their highest combinations. Most of them will have 7500 coins. Slots with lower variances will also pay less, but you might have already noticed that the difference is not that big when compared to the risk.

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To summarize it all,

  1. Video slots win with very high variances are hard to win at, but if you win, you get rewarded with a good paycheck.
  2. Those with lower variances make it easier to win, but the payouts are usually minimal.

That takes us to the question, would you be rather losing several times or at least winning something to take home? If you want to keep on winning some money, go for slots with lower variances. However, if you are looking for something big, go and try your luck in video slots with very high variances. Who knows? You might win yourself the jackpot very soon.

What are the Main Features for Video Slots?

Before you can start winning big in casinos, you need to know something if not everything about video slots. Different slots will have different features, but I have tried my best to capture the most common features. Stay with me, and you will soon become a pro.

  • Progressive jackpots
    This feature implies that the jackpot will be expanding as you place more and more bets. This jackpot in most cases is fuelled by a small fraction of the coins you wager. Progressive jackpots can be tough to play when compared to fixed jackpots, but they offer bigger jackpots and are fun to play.
  • Autoplay
    This is an automatic feature in almost all slots. It makes the spin work easy for you by spinning the wheel automatically after you press the button.
  • Gamble features
    This feature presents the possibility of doubling your winnings or losing them all. This feature is usually found in fruit machines. If the player is not satisfied with the winnings, they are given a chance to predict the color of a card and if they win the payout is double. In case you are not right, you lose what you had won
  • Bonus games
    This is perhaps the most common and popular feature with almost all video slots. A bonus game is a situation where another game is opened up within the game. There have been stories of people who have the progressive jackpots during bonus games. Certain combinations can trigger this feature, or it could just appear randomly.
  • Multipliers
    A multiplier will double literary double your winnings. If a symbol for example with the multiplier of 2x appears to be part of your winning combination, your winnings will be doubled.
  • Scatter symbols
    If you have been gambling for sometime know, you know that there are symbols that have to match for you to win. However, scatter symbols don’t have to appear in any order or together. They can appear anywhere on the screen and grant you winnings.
  • Coins
    Coins will represent what you are willing to wager for each line. When added together, these coins give you the amount of each spin. A good player will always decide beforehand the amount they are willing to bet for each spin. As you adjust some coins you want to wager, remember that many video slots require that players wager the maximum amount for them to qualify for the jackpot.
  • Pay tables
    There is no video slot without a paytable. For this reason, always ensure that you have a look at it before you can press the play button. It will contain most of the details you will need to know about the game and could also increase your chances of winning the game.
  • Paylines
    This is perhaps the common feature in these games. The more paylines a video slot has, the higher your chances of winning. Some paylines can have just one line while others can have even 100 paylines. If a game has more than 100 pay lines, you are required to bet with more than 100 coins.
  • Free spins
    As the name goes, you are not required to pay anything for these spins. We can describe them to be perhaps the simplest forms of bonus games. They can appear randomly or get triggered by a grouping of matching symbols. Some slots even use them to entice new customers into gambling. These spins can even be retriggered several times in a game.
  • Retriggering
    If this one appears, it means that you will be able to replay the bonus game. Free spins will also fall under this category, where you are allowed to retrigger them for a specific no of times. For instance, if similar symbols that retriggered a bonus game appear on the screen, you are allowed to play again and again until they appear no more.
  • Themes
    Video slots are set on different themes. Traditional slots were dominated by fruits and bars and symbols, but more modern ones feature a wide variety of settings and themes. Many of the times, themes can be based on famous movies as the star wars; they could also be based on antiquity kingdoms like the Roman Empire or Egypt. Some will also have comic characters and fairy tales as their themes. For instance, you will get slots themed by characters like Cinderella, Puss in boots and Jack and Jill. There are virtually thousands of themes available. In fact, you will find every other theme you can imagine about.
  • Wild symbols
    Just like wild cards, wild symbols will substitute for the symbol you need for you to win a payout. They are very popular with players but not as popular when compared to bonus and scatter symbol. All in all, they will help you win something big.

Tips and Strategies for Playing and Winning

For the record, I would like to say that there is no way you can beat the casino system. However, there are tips that will make you more prepared and help you grab that golden chance when time to win something comes.

  1. Do some research on the best slot payouts
    Like I noted above, many casinos do not share the percentage of the payout with players. However, some magazines do get this information from insiders and publish it. Some will have 80 percent payouts while other might even have 98 percent payouts. You need to do some good research since a casino with a higher payout will increase your chances of winning something.
  2. Set your limits and follow them
    A good gambler knows when to walk away and run away. Before getting into a casino, decide on the amount you are ready to lose. On winnings, it is best to walk away after you have doubled your money.
  3. Set a long range plan if you will be travelling
    If you will be traveling in a town with casinos, it is important to set limits on the amount you are to be gambling with and what you will be using to pay for your stay. If you lose all your money on a single, the fun of playing video slots will be over even before it begins. Here is what you can do to be on the safes side.

    • Settle on the number of days you are going to be visiting the casino and how much you will be paying for every session.
    • Divide the money you are willing to gamble with regarding the days you will be spending in the casinos. This will prevent wastefulness.
  4. Any winnings you get should be pocketed right away
    Wise gamblers will only play with the money they win the first game. This way, you will not walk out of the casino empty handed.
  5. Join a group or a club of gamblers

There is nothing better than joining a gambling club especially if it is a land based casino. This way, you will be able to take advantage of the free spins they give to their loyal customers

Nowadays, there are several casinos both land based and online. Making comparisons on the benefits each will help you make the right decision on where to gamble your money.

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  2. Choosing a video slot for the game, I often guided by intuition and it rarely letting me down. I do not have a favorite slot or games, I play every time in different slots and choose the ones that I like specifically today. The specifics of the game are almost the same everywhere, so it always works. And u really have to set your limit and follow it, it helps a lot to not lose all the money!

  3. Yes, among a lot of video slots a lot you need to spend time to find the best.)))) With the help of your tips I have always much easier with the selection of the appropriate video slot. Time finding out much less, know one thing to earn a lot need to learn almost everything about video slots.))))

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