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You do not have to be an experienced player to play online slot machines. These games are equitable: The chance to win for a new player and a professional is always the same. So experience is not necessary to win in slot games. In the same way, you do not need to use a strategy: These are games based entirely on chance, and there is no tactic you can apply. (In other words, stay away from those who claim to have a “system”.) In short, no strategy, no experience (and no download) is needed to win in slots. However, by paying attention to some issues, it is possible to both increase your chances of winning and enjoy more of your experience. So, what are these things? Let’s take a look together.

What Are the Key Skills for Winning Online Slots?

General Rules of Casino Games

As with all casino games, the following rule applies to slot machines: In the long run, the house always wins. All the games in a casino are designed to favor the house. There is no game with a 100% chance of winning. Even if you play optimally, it is not guaranteed that you will win. For this reason, you should first bear in mind that slot games are based on pure luck. In this context:

  1. Know When To Leave. You cannot win any casino game by insisting. This includes slots too. However, an advantage of slots is that you have a lot of options. If you have been playing long and not been able to earn any money, maybe it’s time to take a break. When you get back, try your chances in another game. Slot machines have thousands of different options, and each one gives you a different experience.
  2. Know the Rules. Slot games have a fairly simple rule system. To win a prize, it is enough to place the same symbols (usually 3) on a pay line. In games like fruit slots, you do not need to learn another rule. But for games like video and progressive slots; you need to be familiar with concepts such as wild, scatter symbols, free spins, and bonus rounds. If you do not know what these are, you will not be able to win. Learn the rules and get experience by playing the free versions first. Before you start playing for real money, make sure you fully understand the game.
  3. Know How to Choose. Slot machines are divided into multiple categories, and each one suits a different liking. If we show them as a list:
    • Fruit Slots: The best choice for beginners. The number of symbols and lines is small. The rules are simple. The chance of winning is quite high. However, the amount of prizes is low. Professional gamblers also prefer fruit machines. This is because the cost of playing is low and it is possible to achieve a regular profit.
    • Video Slots: Symbol count, pay line numbers, and graphic quality are way higher than the classic slots. Your chances of winning are over to average, but you need to learn additional rules and especially the concept of “bonus rounds”. Since you are betting per line, the cost of playing may be high. Once you have gained experience with fruit machines, we recommend you switch to this category. For 3D slots, these explanations also apply.
    • Progressive Slots: These are games that do not use a fixed reward system and can award millions of dollars. With every game played, the amount of rewards accumulated in the progressive jackpot pool increases. Playing costs are very high and your chances of winning are very low. Mostly you only feed the pool. We recommend that every player other than “tourists” play carefully the games in this category. Because you can spend your entire budget in a matter of seconds.

In short, if you play by choosing a random slot machine, you will only give your money to the casino. Try all the categories first by playing for fun versions and make your choice accordingly.

The Importance of Winning Odds

Having information about probability calculations while playing in slot machines has a great importance. In card games, for example, these calculations allow you to apply a simple strategy and increase your chances. This is not possible for slot games. These are RNG (Random Number Generator) systems. This means that the symbols to be displayed on the screen are “chosen” by a randomly generated number.

For example:

  • The wild symbol has a numeric range, i.e. between 20 – 70
  • The RNG generates a random number. If this number is between 20 and 70, the wild symbol appears on the screen.

This system makes it impossible to implement a strategy for slot games. The RNG will re-do all calculations each time. So your chances do not increase or decrease as you play, it always remains the same. For this reason, the only thing you can look out for to increase your chances is the RTP rates of the games. RTP is an abbreviation of “return to player”. As a rule, it is not a concept about the chance of winning. It shows how much money you can recover. For example, if this rate is 99%, it is possible to recover $ 99 of every $ 100 you invest. In other words, you lose a maximum of $1. You should always choose slots that have high RTP rates. As a general rule, do not play games with less than 95%. In this regard, online slots are much more advantageous. Their average RTP values ​​are above 95%. In physical slots, this ratio can drop to 75%.

In addition to all this, you should not forget that there is no such thing as a “best slot game”. Whether a game is good or not is a completely personal (and financial) decision. You can give this decision only by trial. Do not just read the reviews and do a lot of practice: All slots are available in free-to-play versions too. The rules and the chances of winning do not differ. Likewise, whether you live in the UK or elsewhere in the world, you will always be subject to the same slot rules. In other words, one geographic region is not more advantageous than the other.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun Too

One of the features that slots have is that they are not very “serious” games. They do not only offer you the chance of making money, but they also give you “fun”. Think of a poker table: Does your mind first come up with an image of people who have serious facial expressions and pretend to be doing a “business”? Slot games are not like this: When playing with them, you should not forget to have fun too. Enjoy the experience you are getting and do not just focus on winning. Whether you will win or not will depend entirely on luck, and having fun should be one of your goals for this reason.

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