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Whether you are a seasoned pro or a onetime player online, your main objective as you play online will be to minimize the amount you lose to the online casino, while you increase the amount you win! This has always been the case since the beginning of time.

Many years ago, when online casinos didn’t exist, most of the gambling destinations – particularly Las Vegas and Monaco – were best known for having some of the best comps and rewarding value for the amount spend at the different casinos. If you’ve been there before, it’s the memories such as the €0.99 buffet that start coming back.

However, things have long changed. Gone are the days when casinos enjoyed the monopoly and had the power to manipulate the bonuses and promotions. Instead, there are now plenty of casinos – online and land based – which have forced bonuses and promotions such as the no deposit bonus (NDB for short) to be a standard thing.

In this review, we look at the different methods or what you should do in order to capitalize on the different bonus offers.

What Is a No Deposit Bonus?

Before going into details, it’s important that we define what exactly is a no deposit bonus offer. If you are well familiar with the online casino scene, there is a 100% chance you have heard or come across an NDB. As a matter of fact, you might have used it before.

As for the new players, this offer is one of the most popular and one that’s easy to get. You’ll be awarded with it once you have signed up for a new account at any of the online casinos. However, there are special instances where you can also be awarded this offer such as the special treat for those who are loyal to the online casino or during promotional offers such as the free spins.

Since the money is normally offered free of any charges, the no deposit bonus is limited to not more than €25. Most of the online casino portals will offer you  €10.

Why Do Casinos Offer Free Sign UP Bonuses?

This offer, just like all the other offers, is given to players to keep them motivated and feel appreciated for choosing the casino. Savvy players will also tell you that you can use it to boost your game and bankroll. How? By using it wisely, you can win real money, which you can actually use to play real money games and win more. In other instances, you can always withdraw it as real money straight to your eWallet or preferred method of payment.

How to Qualify for This Free Cash

There are so many ways to qualify for this free cash. The most obvious way is to do a quick search on the internet in order to determine the different online casinos. There are plenty of them online and the best way to get the BEST BONUS is to compare and contrast a few of the best before settling for the best. As you do so, there are a few things that you need to consider.

The wagering requirement

This is the first and most important factor you have to consider when determining the best site in terms of the NDB. Once you qualify for the bonus, it shall be credited to your account and depending on the online casino, you might be able to withdraw it or not. If you’ve been given the chance of withdrawing it, you’ll have to meet what is referred to as the wagering requirement – which is usually indicated as 30× or 20×.

What this means is that for every free money you are awarded, you’ll have to spend up to 30× or 20× the money in real money before you can withdraw it. Therefore, if you awarded with €20 NDB, you’ll have to spend up to €600 or €400 in real money before you can withdraw it.

It’s important you consider this because different casinos have different WR terms. Choose with those that have a fair value – which should range between 10× to 30×.  Any figure above this will be ridiculous.

The amount offered

Of course you wouldn’t want to sign up at an online casino website that has poor bonus money. We all want to become part of the best of the best and it’s for this reason you have to compare the sites depending on the bonus amount offered. Go for a site that has exceptional and rewarding bonus offer.

The maximum amount of money you can cash out

The third factor to consider is the maximum amount of money you can cash out. This simply refers to the total amount of money you will withdraw with the bonus money irrespective of the total amount you win.

For instance, if the maximum amount you can cash out is double the amount you deposit, even if you won a jackpot using the NDB, you will only be awarded with double the bonus money as per the terms and conditions.

Therefore, it’s a rule of the thumb that as you choose a casino portal, you look for one with the best deal in terms of the maximum cash out amount!

Country restriction

Not all players from across the globe can qualify for this promo. Some players have a bad history of misusing the different offers given to them and as a result, the different sites have restricted them from accessing the free cash.

Therefore before you can sign up at a site in a bid to get the free cash, ensure that you are located within a region that’s supported.

There are plentiful of other factors to consider while choosing a casino portal but the mentioned ones are prime as far as the free cash is concerned. Once you’ve identified your preferred site, it’s time you moved to the next step – claiming the bonus.

To claim the free money, you have to create an account or sign up at the portal if you like. This is the final step involved and it’s key to ensuring you automatically receive this cash.

How to Take Advantage of the NDB?

There are a number of ways to do this. They include the following:

  1. Choose the slot games that have the highest RTP percentage. The return to player percentage indicates the likelihood of you winning while playing the game. Therefore, to increase your chance of playing with this free money for long, you have to ensure you choose a game that promises to return within a short time. These games are those with a high RTP – a figure that ranges between 93-96%.
  2. Most people make this mistake of cashing out too early before they even meet the required or set wagering requirement. This is a disadvantage especially if you are playing in an online casino website that has specified in its terms and conditions that if you try to do this, you are going to lose the bonus money.
    Therefore, as a word of caution to players who like rushing to things, keep your focus on achieving the free money and avoid getting too involved in playing at other online casinos if you have the bonus amount pending at another. Clear the free money within the specified time to avoid losing it.
  3. Plan on how well you are going to use the free cash. Just as with your typical bankroll, it’s important that you also treat the bonus balance with special caution. Divide it into small bits which will enable you know how much you can spend in a day or at a time. Make sure that you remain disciplined to this plan or schedule in order to get the most out of the free cash.

It’s evident that the savvy player will have to put in some effort so that he/she can find the right casino that promises exciting games and rewarding promotions. Rewarding promotions such as the no deposit bonus offer should enable one to squeeze every coin out of the casino by winning real money at no expense.

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