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Even before we can continue, it is crucial to understand that slot games, like in many other casino games have no winning strategy. In simple, you cannot learn how beat the casino because mathematically speaking; there is a negative equity for each game played.

The odds of winning slots cannot even be compared to those of poker games where one plays against a real opponent and not the house. In poker games, applying your well-learned skills may end up being profitable in the future, but this is not the case when it comes to slots. In fact, most slot games are designed in such a way winning the jackpot is almost impossible. Nonetheless, there are ways you can increase your chances of winning something even if it is not the jackpot. There is always a way you can identify slot machines with the best odds but first let’s see whether you have any chance.

So, Is There Any Real Probability of Beating Slot Games?

Like I have noted above, you cannot have a long-term strategy to beat slots but you will get slot machines with the best odds to play at. To simplify what I mean, let me give an example with a hypothetical slot machine with just one payout which is usually the jackpot. Let’s assume that a player will get rewarded with the jackpot after five of the matching symbols appear on the screen. This applies to almost all slot games. You need to match a specific number of symbols to get the jackpot. Our machine will have five symbols on each line which need to be matched so that you can win a jackpot of $1 million.

  • Your odds on a slot machine are restricted by indiscriminate number generators which imply that after the spin the symbols are going to line themselves on the lines.
    Therefore, the likelihood that a cherry appears on any of these pay lines is 1/5. Mathematically, the probability of having five of these symbols on the similar pay line become
    1/5 x 1/5 x 1/5 x 1/5 x 1/5 which is 0.032 percent.
    Since our hypothetical machine has five lines, the likelihood of the player is even higher. So we will have 5 x 0.032 which translates to 0.16 percent. Therefore, for all 625 spins, you make on our machine you will get a 5 set of 5 matches symbols to bag the jackpot.
  • If the casino had set the jackpot at 625 dollars, you would only break even, and no winnings will be granted on your side.
    To break even you will be required to bet with one dollar on 624 bets without getting anything. You will then land the jackpot of 625 dollars after 625 spins. This returns your money back. However, it is impossible for you to break even considering that most casinos will set their jackpot payouts at lower than the breakeven amount. One casino could have a payout of 80 percent while another could have 98 percent. If you were playing in a casino with a p5 percent payout, you would take home $594 even after investing $625.

I am not implying that your 2nd spin cannot win you the payout. It can! But you can’t beat the rules to gain long term profits. This is all about chances and probabilities
All casinos cover a house edge which is commonly referred as the hold. The proportion of these hold do vary. If you are playing at an expensive slot, the percentage is going to be small

Why Risk Your Money If Such a House Edge Exists?

You should never get into gambling with the intentions of making a lot money. It is true that you if you use the best odds you can, but it should never be the motivation. You will get frustrated after learning what you will have lost. Many gamblers just enjoy playing even with the knowledge that they are investing in a business with negative equity on returns. Others play because there is the probability of becoming a millionaire overnight. In fact, many have won, and they have transformed their lives but remember the likelihood of winning can even run in one in a million. Others play for fun. You see, slots can sometimes become a cheaper source of entertainment. If you legitimately take pleasure in the thrill, go for it.

Is There Any a Precise Edge for a Particular Slot Machine?

The response to this question is very easy. You can never know because casino owners are always hiding it from gamblers. I am certain that even you didn’t know that a house edge exists. Others do not know that they are playing a game controlled by luck and not skill. For this reason, I advise that you ought to conduct thorough research well before deciding on the casinos you are willing to play at.

There is no fixed percentage of payouts. The percentage will depend on your locale. If laws in your area govern gambling, you can look at the rules to see whether there is a predetermined payout for the area. If there is, you can be sure that all casinos in that locale follow the rules.

You can also determine the proportion of the payouts by using the thumb rule. I mean, expensive games will have a smaller percentage of a payout when compared to other games.

Demystifying Slot Machine Myths

Like in many other aspects of life, slots have had their share of myths and misconception. Some people are so much entrenched into them that they literally have to perform rituals before they start playing. Is this necessary? Well, I am personally a gambler, and I have heard of people who claim that they have certain strategies they can employ to win in a slot game. These are falsehoods and myths with no foundation and basis. Such kind of people are just delusional or liars. They could be trying to sell you a software or app purporting that it can help you but it can’t. Trust me! Unless you have a machine that can interact with the slot machine, I don’t see how you can have a strategy.

  • I have heard of players who claim that wagering your coins in a specific way will help you land the jackpot. Let m set things clear here. No such system will guarantee you a jackpot. Though it is true that you can wager in such a way that lose the minimum, if luck is not on your side, there is no way you will beat the slots.
  • There is also a myth that circulates claiming that slot games operate on cycles of cold and hot. Such a thing does not exist. Slot machines are designed to produce random numbers and symbols for each spin. Each spin here acts like an independent event completely independent from the previous or the next spin. It is the same as when tossing a coin. If you get a tail on the first toss, the second outcome is not dependent on it.
  • Other gamblers also believe that casinos owners have the capacity to remotely alter payouts. Though it sounds possible, it is impossible. In case there is a remote control, a message is supposed to appear on the screen indicating that the machine is being remotely controlled.

By now I hope that you have learned that there is no way you can influence the outcome of a slot game. Unlike other games where you play against an opponent, you cannot develop a strategy whatsoever. Winning in a Slot game is completely dependent on luck. No even probability mathematics can help you beat the system. So, before you start playing, be sure that this is a game of luck and anybody can be lucky. After all, it doesn’t hurt in any way trying your luck once in awhile. Casinos can also be inexpensive places to have fun. If you love gambling, there is no reason why you should not. But have the right motive and be responsible!

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