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PayPal is an online mode of money transaction that has established itself as among the best options in the industry in the UK and across the globe. Established back in 1998, the company was built as part of eBay, the online marketplace. Since the online platform was quite new at the time, it allowed the company to grow along with the field. However, this changed in 2015 when the company moved to become an independent firm, broadening its horizons to encompass even more industries. Today, PayPal is widely provided as a method to deposit funds in numerous industries, with the online gambling business as one of its main users.

Opening a PayPal Account

The process of opening a PayPal account is as easy as it gets. The process goes as follows:

  • Visit the PayPal official site.
  • Select the ‘sign up’ option.
  • Provide a valid email address as well as a passkey.
  • Provide the requested personal data.
  • Provide the bank account, credit card, or debit card to be linked to the account, and any requested additional information on these options.
  • Open the email sent to your email address and confirm it.
  • Proceed to link your bank account, debit card, or credit card.

Once this process is complete, the gambler can proceed to use PayPal for deposits.

PayPal Deposit Process

The process of depositing cash in a gambling site with PayPal is quite straightforward and easy to go about. After one has registered with the company and set up their account, all they have to do is:

  • Select a gambling destination that accepts the use of PayPal as a deposit method. The best option is to go to online casinos that come with bonus offers for using PayPal as a deposit method. In most cases, the bonus is offered in the form of a match promotion that lies from five to fifteen percent of the deposit amount. The amount can be used to indulge in slot machine games, as well as employ strategy on table games and other casino offers.
  • Open the deposit payment methods to display the list of options provided.
  • Select PayPal as the method of choice.
  • The site will redirect one to PayPal’s official page.
  • Select the deposit option.
  • Enter the amount to be sent to the casino It is crucial for gamblers to note that this amount must be within limits set by the casino and PayPal. Anything more or less will be barred.
  • Click on the confirm option and wait for the transaction to be processed. One will be requested to provide log in details: these usually consist of the email used during registration and password.
  • With deposits, the process usually takes only a few seconds, and the amount will reflect almost immediately.
  • Log back into your gaming site account and check to see if the cash has been transferred.

Advantages of Using PayPal as a Deposit Method

This transaction method has been able to quickly rise the ranks to become one of the most preferred methods of deposit in online gambling destinations. This factor is highly owed to some pretty advantages that come along with using it. Some of these pros include:

  • Security
    The security of the personal and financial information one provides online is among the main factors people concentrate on when selecting a suitable payment method. With PayPal, the gambler will only have to provide the information of their bank account or credit card during registration. After that, they will never have to provide it again. Additionally, the information will not be disclosed to the gambling site where the funds are being transferred. Therefore, if by any chance the online casino systems are breached, they have no chance of getting to one’s financial information.Additionally, PayPal has been accredited by numerous licensing bodies for upholding the security of their client’s data. The information is kept in the unreadable form in systems that bar its decoding.
  • Free account
    Some online money transaction channels require the purchase of an account to be used. However, this is not the case with PayPal. Just follow the registration process touched on above without having to part with a dime. Also, no membership fees are incurred as well as transaction fees. However, it is important for gamers to note that the respective casino they choose to gamble in may incur some charges for using the transaction method. Only a negligible fee is put up by PayPal.
  • Flexible use
    One of the main issues credit card users face is having their transactions declined. With PayPal, one can link their account to numerous money sources including debit cards, bank accounts, and even credit cards to feed their PayPal accounts with money. Since the cash is already there, the chances of having transactions declined are quite minimal. Therefore, money transfers go through to the player’s casino of choice almost immediately the transaction is made.
  • Global Market
    PayPal, being one of the giant companies in the online money transfer business, is available in two hundred countries across the globe. This makes it easier for gamers to play in online gambling destinations from different parts of the globe, and have their money transferred quite easy. Some of the nations that have listed PayPal as an accepted mode of cash transaction include:

    • United Kingdom
    • Kenya
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • Romania
    • Netherlands
    • Greece
    • France
    • Denmark
    • Belgium
    • Malaysia
    • Mexico
    • Costa Rica, etc.

    With two hundred nations on its back, PayPal supports twenty-five languages to break the language barrier in areas where English is not the common tongue. Some of these languages include French, Spanish, Romanian, Slovakian, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, and Italian. Additionally, currency exchange is done automatically into the gamer’s currency of choice. The company applies the exchange rates that are being used in the market at the moment. These exchanges do come with some charges.

  • Mobile compatibility
    With the mobile phone being a huge part of everyday life for millions of people around the world, most businesses have shifted their interests to make their products available on mobile gadgets. PayPal has not been left behind in this respect. The company recently launched their mobile app that has been developed to be compatible with some of the most popular operating systems used in smartphones and tablets. Some of these OS systems include iOS, Android, and Windows. The application is quite different from the no download version found on desktops, but the services offered have not been limited. The mobile version comes with an additional PIN feature that makes the app all the more secure. The company is looking to include more operating systems in its program to make the service more widely available.
  • Available for withdrawals
    PayPal also offers a channel for gamblers to withdraw their progressive winnings from casinos. Therefore, one does not have to stress over looking for an alternative option when it comes to the withdrawal process as is the case with some cash transfer methods.
  • Responsive client support team
    When it comes to online services, the customer care team is a crucial deciding factor in the success of an establishment. PayPal’s client support team has played an important role in spearheading the company’s success due to its fast response to client issues. They can be contacted via phone, email, direct message, or fax. Emails and direct messages are responded to within a twenty-four hour period. Additionally, they have an FAQ section that addresses issues frequently brought up by clients.

Cons of Depositing with PayPal

Even with so many advantages that come with the use of this real money transaction channel, PayPal does not lack some shortcomings. Some of the main cons of using this method include;

  • Lack of twenty-four-hour customer service
    As much as PayPal’s client support team has been labeled one of the best, it is not available for twenty-four hours a day. They are only available for eighteen hours during the weekdays, and sixteen on weekends. Even so, they have opened offices in various territories around the world to ensure that clients living in the opposite time zone can contact them via phone during their day hours.
  • Restricted in some countries
    Even with the widespread success of the company, the use of PayPal has been restricted in some countries. Nations such as Egypt have completely barred the use of the system, and logging in to one’s account within its borders will lead to its closure. Also, some nations that accept the use of the cash transfer channel have restricted its use in gambling. The United States, for instance, passed laws that put a lot of restrictions on the online gaming industry.

Casinos that Accept PayPal as a Deposit Method

PayPal has been listed as a method of money transaction by hundreds of casinos across the globe. Some of these casinos include:

  • Spin Palace Casino
  • Ruby Fortune Casino
  • 32red Casino
  • Casumo Casino
  • Jackpot City Casino
  • Wicked Jackpot Casino
  • Mansion Casino
  • Vegas Spins Casino
  • Slot Devil Casino
  • William Hill Casino
  • 777 Casino
  • 888 Casino
  • Winner Casino, etc.

Most of these casinos also provide PayPal as a mode of cash withdrawal, and also offer a wide array of games to indulge in for fun.

Final Verdict

PayPal has proved itself over the years as among the best cash transaction methods to use. The company vets every casino that renders its services to ensure that it is a reputable establishment. Even after partnering with these gambling sites, PayPal actively vets the sites from time to time and terminates services with any casino that lacks a solid reputation. Therefore, gamblers can trust that the PayPal casino they are going for is honorable.

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