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Slot games are very popular among online gamers. As a matter of fact, most gaming companies are specializing in making more video slot machine sets, as compared to the other games. Five-reel slots are currently the most popular slots among online gamers. They are gaming sets that have five vertical subsections that produce a combination of symbols when spun. These games provide many attractive options as compared to the three-reeled slots. The fact that they have more and better chances of winning makes people want to try them severally.

Additionally, slot games are available for play either for free or for real money. This gives players plenty of room to make gaming choices. This is because one can either play these games to get experience or bet for the money. If you are playing for money, all of the tactics listed below will be highly useful.

1. Place the Maximum Bet

To achieve the highest payout in a game, you have to place a maximum bet. So, if a game has 20 pay lines, and its highest coin value is 0.5, bet the maximum. This means that you will place a bet of 10 dollars. Considering many people will try their luck with a jackpot machine, ensure that your spins count. However, while picking a jackpot slot, be sure to know what the maximum bet is. This will help you in budgeting for your money and avoid making losses once your cash runs out, and you cannot keep betting max.

2. Find loopholes in the slots

It is common knowledge that the house always wins. However, you can beat the casino at their own game by finding the gaps in some of their sets. Depending on your gaming techniques, at times you will discover that there are games that favor you more than others. You may not know why but if you find such a game, play it until the machine crashes.

This is not to mean that you should hack into a system for your benefit as you could land into trouble.

3. Play smaller jackpot slots

The lower the jackpot, the higher your chances of winning. This is mainly because it takes several hours of non-stop gaming for an individual to create a massive prize. Massive jackpot games have horrible odds, and most of them are usually creatively themed. You may want to win massively but the time and effort that will be put into making it happen will be too much. Stick to smaller jackpot games with better odds.

4. Choose games that have a maximum payout that is fixed

When playing online, you will find games that give you a set amount of cash prize and those whose rewards begin at a certain amount. If you see a game that states the overall winner gets an unidentified money gift, you should avoid it as it is a progressive jackpot. These games increase the final prize every time someone joins the pool. Sets with many players make it difficult for one to win because of the low winning probability. For example, if you play a jackpot that has 99,999 other competitors, you will have a total of 100,000 gamers.

This will make your likelihood of winning the game 1/100,000, which is very low. On the contrary, if you pick a game with lesser people, you will have a higher chance of winning. Such slots do not have huge prizes, but at the end of the day, it is better to take home something little than nothing at all.

5. Pick classic machines over video slots

Video slots are highly captivating due to their enhanced visual features, and high-tech sound accompaniments. You enjoy the audio-visual so much, and the game just seems to be extra attractive. What you do not know is that while all this is taking place, the casino does not make cash.

Therefore, the sets have been programmed to take some little money from you. All this is during those periods that the game is transitioning to the next level, or when you are watching the intro video. The payout for video slots is also less than that of the classic ones. It could be anything from 95% or less. For you to enjoy the highest payouts, choose traditional slots.

6. Play your best games

When you join an online casino, there are games that you play severally because they are exciting and resonate with your kind of taste. When you play for money, these should be the ones that first come to your mind. The reason is:

  • You will enjoy the gaming experience more
  • You will have mastered the game; therefore, playing won’t be a problem
  • The disappointment won’t be as much if you do not win since you will have had a wonderful gaming time

In addition to this, avoid playing new games that you are not conversant with.

7. Take advantage of awards and maximize their usage

Online casinos have made it a habit of rewarding players now and then to keep them glued to their sites. Take advantage of these prizes and use them to your advantage. Do not decline gifts awarded to you. Instead, accept them and use them to play as many times as is legally acceptable.

Every time you get a gift, take it. Grab those match, percentage, welcome, referral, and loyalty bonuses, and use them maximumly to bring you profit. Each of these prizes has rules pegged to them that indicate how they should be used. These wager requirements should not hinder you from utilizing the awards. Read the terms and conditions that are set for bonuses in regards to wagering. Once you have the rules at your fingertips, use them for your gain. If you get a cash prize that seems fit to use on slot games to acquire extra spins, use it for that purpose. Other bonus cash gifts require you to wager three or four or five times with them. The number is bound to increase depending on the casino rules. Play games that will benefit you when betting. Such games have liberal betting requirements.

8. Try out free slots before you put your money on the line

This is the only way you will learn the games. Playing free sets will also enable you to weed out the games that you like from those that you don’t. Your skills will be cultivated as you learn, and you will master the games inside out. The best part of online gaming is that you will access these games instantly in no download versions.

9. Play games that give a bonus round

There are times when you are not lucky, and you require an extra shot to see if things can make a positive turn. For you to enjoy this, go through the game specs, and find out what slots offer bonus rounds. This is usually your last chance at winning before the game ends officially. Some people have won prizes in the bonus round so do not take it for granted.

10. Don’t be greedy

One of the downfalls of gamers is wanting too much. You win a game, and you instantly start another. Know when to stop. If you do not gain self-control and quit gaming once you win, you may end up losing everything you had worked to get that day. Be content with what you will have attained, and wait for another day to start afresh.

11. Save more than half of your winnings and use the rest for gaming

Any wise gamer knows that gambling is a fifty-fifty chance. You either win or lose. Once you gain something, the best thing to do is put aside some of that money for other uses. This is because players tend to overindulge once they know some money is available instantly. If you have to continue betting after a victory, make a withdrawal request for most of the money then keep gambling with whatever is left.

12. Start with simple games

This is one of the most crucial things any slot player can put into consideration. Play the simple sets first.

You can choose to play the less advanced versions of a particular game before you play the complicated ones. Advantages of using this strategy are:

  • The first edition sets usually have fewer features and not complicated. This makes them easy to master
  • They lay a solid foundation for the knowledge of the upgraded games
  • They give you a general feel of how online gaming is
  • Moving up gradually is more comfortable than scaling down

13. Be ready to lose

In online slot gaming, two likely things can happen: you win or lose. Before gamblers can master the games and become highly conversant with them, losses are made. Anyone who is not ready to handle losing should not play 5-reel slots because the same way you can win in many ways is the same way you can lose.

Making mistakes will help you learn how to play better and be keen. So, do not be too hard on yourself.

Playing 5-reel slots is so much fun. With the many available games and different themes provided by many gaming companies, one cannot lack a perfect game to play. Nevertheless, it is wise to consider reading all gambling rules provided by the UK Gambling Commission and other licensing bodies. This will give you a guide of how to gamble wisely to avoid being duped by casinos that are out to take your money.

To become a pro, you have to begin from somewhere so start small with lesser reels, and build up gradually.

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