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You might have been playing for free on an online casino site and gained some experience. This is exactly what you should do before attempting to play for real money.  Playing for fun can have some limited functions. Thus, it is important to decide where you would like to deposit your money once you are ready for the challenge.  There are many online casinos available, some you can play directly on the website which will be a no download or instant platform, others you will need to download the software of the casino onto your personal computer before you can register and start playing.

Registering Your Account Online

You have now picked the right or desired online casino, so the next step will be registering your account. You are normally required to provide your ID and banking details; some might be more personal and require some other information such as proof of your residence and some personal questions to get to know you better. Providing real and complete registration information will minimize any hold ups or challenges during the withdrawal process, as this will allow the casino to complete the verification process swiftly.

First Deposits

You can decide what amounts you are willing to deposit. However, some casinos have a minimum deposit you need to adhere to should you wish to qualify for a first deposit bonus. If you are a high stakes player, you need to choose a suitable payment method as casinos do enforce limits on certain payment methods. On the contrary, there are also casinos with a very low minimum deposit but keep in mind that it might be lower than the qualifying minimum deposit.

Bonus Types When Registering Online

There are certain bonuses you can qualify for when you play slots for real money. Some bonus requirements need you to make a deposit, and other don’t.  It all depends on the bonus criteria. Below we will mention a few:

  • Welcome bonus: This is normally your first bonus once you have signed up and made your first suitable deposit.  You will be given a percentage of the deposit that you have made as a bonus; this is known as a match bonus. This will increase your bankroll and give you extra money to play with. In most instances, this will be coupled with free spins to use on slot machines.
  • Game-specific bonus: This is bonuses, which relate to certain games specifically. When free spins or free money is allocated to the player, they are required to wager those extra winnings on specific games such as real money slots.

How to Pick the Perfect Slot

So, you may have been in casinos a lot and played many slot machines but do you know enough to pick the right type of slot for you? We will give you a few pointers for things to look out for when playing slots online. There are many factors to consider, especially when you are new to the game.

  1. High payout ratiosThis is important, as you want the best opportunity to win the jackpot as possible. If you are not sure what to look for, have a look at these examples.
    • Thunderstruck has a return to the player ratio of 97.5%.
    • Hitman is second with a payout percentage of 97%.
    • In third place, there are Casanova slots, with a current ratio of 96.9%.

    It is always important to choose the correct amount to play. When playing the maximum bet, your chances of winning increases as the payout ratio increases for players playing on higher bets.

  2. Select the type of slotThere are three main types of slots you can choose from. Each has their own criteria; thus it is important to take the time to familiarise yourself with them.
    • 3 reel classic slots – If you think about the old slot machines you will remember only three reels and all three need to match, it was very straightforward.
    • Special features – These slots are normally multi reeled up to 5 reels and they have a payline of between 10 and 50. This number will differ, as each slot is different.
    • Progressive slots – These slots have become very popular over the last few years. This collection of slots can be connected in a network of other slots all contributing to one jackpot. The different types of progressive slots are determined according to the network they operate in.
  3. Practice on free spinsWhen you select your casino, you need to choose the one that will give you the best option and highest bonus. With the extra bonus and complementary free spins, you can try out some of the slots and gain enough practice beforehand.

How to Play Slots

Playing slots is not that hard most of them operate the same way with regards to the layout and the buttons. So in order for you to play slots, there are easy guides for your convenience.

  1. You need to determine how many lines you are going to select a slot with multi-paylines and your amount to wager on the slots per spin.
  2. To start spinning, you need to select the spin button and wait for them to stop to reveal your winnings.
  3. You will need at least three of the same icon to trigger a win. This will determine what the winnings will be.

However, playing online slots will require some strategy if you want to be a successful player. You need to determine what you need to look for before jumping in and you just start playing. Most online slots have a few rules you need to know to play the game.

Identifying the Rules

It is important for you to know which characters are more powerful than others. The slot machines are different from each other; therefore, they have different rules.  You will also need to familiarise yourself with some terminology.

Jackpots – You might get different types of jackpots you can win on a slot machine; however, they will not trigger all at once.

Wild symbols – Wild symbols act as jokers, although they do not substitute all of the symbols. In most cases only the standard symbols are replaceable.

Bonus rounds – These types of rounds are associated with multi-reel slots. They will offer you free games during the play, or when you receive a certain combination of symbols, the bonus round will trigger.

Basic Strategy of How to Play Real Slots

To prepare yourself to start playing online for real money, you need to ensure you have the following knowledge.

  • Betting more, winning biggerThe higher your bets are, the higher your winnings will be. Progressive slots are fed by a percentage of your wagering amount. So if you want to play for higher jackpots bet higher.
  • Paytables are importantIf you follow the paytable, you will be able to determine which symbols are better to collect than others. This will also make you aware of any special features such as scatters and bonus games. You will also have a clear understanding of how many icons you need to collect before you can start winning.
  • Always check for bonusesThis will give you insight into how you can accord them as well as benefit from them. Keep in mind that some bonus rounds will require a maximum bet before your round is initiated.
  • Play for fun first
    By playing for free, you are not wagering real money on the machines; therefore, you can play at maximum capacity and test out all the new and special features to understand the game better. You can try out all the different ways of playing and determine where you are comfortable playing.

In the UK online slots are rather popular, as they are totally legal as long as they are licensed properly and adhere to the conditions of the UK Gambling Commission. If they comply with these regulations, you are free to play. A lot of people want to establish whether online slots are safe, as they are managed by a third party that is mostly remote.

Most decent online casinos also offer a VIP program to their players, which will allow them to have higher limits. They might also offer special bonuses where you are rewarded for playing certain slots etc. By being a VIP member, payouts are normally faster than those of normal players as they are prioritised.

You can by reading the rules and bonus offerings before you play for real cash, you might be able to determine which payment methods trigger bonuses, like weekly bonuses that are paid on amounts deposited and wagered on slots. This will be a motivation to aim for those rewards, as they will give you extra money to increase your bankroll. Ultimately you would want to play as long as possible to gain the best rewards. If you keep an eye on the topics we have discussed above, you will surely leave with a smile.

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