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Playing slot games powered by the top software suppliers in the market is always exciting and a source of hope. Just imagine the huge potential for massive winnings and jackpots that come with every game. For example, if you go for progressive slot games like Mega Millions, Mega Moolah, and King Cashalot, the winnings can reach millions of dollars, an amount that can definitely change lives. Just recently, a player from Hawaii won $10,777,270.51 on a bet worth $3 by playing at Wynn Las Vegas’ Megabucks slot machine. More than the winnings, it’s about the adventure and excitement that comes with every spin. Just imagine the movement of the reels, the theme used and sound effects which can provide excitement and make your day. These are the things to expect at online slots, and they can be yours once a wager has been set, and the reels are activated.

But here lies the challenge for many casino enthusiasts and casual players- how to choose which titles to play, and which ones will give profitable winnings? Now, this can be a challenge for the average player, considering that an average casino often presents a portfolio with hundreds of games. But if you are in the market for a memorable casino experience, then you should know that there are critical factors to consider when it comes to shopping for the next slots to play, and it goes beyond the usual themes, sound effects, and total promised jackpots. You can choose slots based on their volatility, which will be explained below.

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Dispersion (Volatility) and Why It Matters

If it may sound like too complex and Mathematical well, the dispersion is actually a Mathematical term which also applies to slots design. As used in Statistics, dispersion, it will refer to the extent of distribution of data or events. This is often used to raise a distinction against central tendency. And in the analysis of casino slots that are defined by randomness, dispersion or variability also helps to discover if the results often deviate from the promised returns or not. In short, it refers to the degree of deviation from a set value, usually the Return to Player Percentage (RTP) in slots production. In short, there are two general categories of slots volatility:

  • Low dispersion slots– If the slots are of low volatility, it means that the winnings are more frequent, but these are of lower amounts. Also, these types of games often will not deviate largely from the advertised slot machines RTP. Examples of games with low dispersion are Voodoo Vibes, Starburst, and Attraction, all from Netent.
  • Medium dispersion slots– If these games are played, casino enthusiasts can count on average winnings and some jackpot, that will not take time to materialize. These are highly recommended for casino players who are just starting out, have the patience to wait for the jackpot to appear, and with ‘smaller bankrolls’.
  • High dispersion slots– If these productions are played, you can expect a huge difference in the minimum and maximum amount of winnings. Players can expect wild fluctuations of winnings, from a low amount to a massive jackpot. In short, these are high rtp slots that are highly volatile, hence they tend to be risky. These are described as volatile because you cannot pinpoint exactly the kinds of outcomes that you will get when you make the spin. The first few spins may end up with losses, but on your next, you can clinch the multi-million jackpot. Or worse, your bankroll will be wiped out in minutes.

Although these games can be categorized into two types of dispersion, many slot enthusiasts have learned to assess and analyze the games, and most have come up with three categories- low, high and medium volatility. Best rtp slots may end up with a high RTP but at the end of the day. If you decide to play these kinds of slots, there’s a big chance that you will win big, or end up losing big-time. If you are the kind of player looking for massive winnings, like a jackpot x1,000 the wager made, then you need to consider these types of slots. But if you have a smaller bankroll, and you appreciate frequent but small winnings, then the low volatility slot games are better for you.

But how do you know if the slot title that you are planning to play belong to a higher or low dispersion (volatility)?

How to Determine the Volatility of the Chosen Slot Machines

The dispersion or the volatility of the games are not directly advertised, compared to the promised jackpots, RTP and software supplier. Volatility is something that’s not readily available to regular players, but its own critical information that can help players to decide which games to play or avoid for the moment. There are certain ways in which you can generally classify if the games are highly volatile or not.

One way to take a look at the games is by checking their potential payoffs. If the games and slot productions promise payoffs of x10,000 or more, then these can be considered as generally dispersive (volatile). If the published payouts range from x5,000 to x10,000, then these are categorized as a medium dispersion or volatile slots. And if the published payouts are less than x5,000 your wager, these are generally accepted as low dispersion or low volatility slot games.

There are other concrete steps that a player can take to become informed and to know the volatility rate of the games. Before attempting to play real money slots in a casino, players are advised to consider the following recommendations:

  1. Conduct research, check out the RTP of the slot machine you want to play. Instead of simply focusing on the theme and the graphics (which a lot of casino players do), it’s highly recommended to check out its RTP, or the payout rate. This is public information, and often available together with the pay-table details and gameplay.
  2. Make sure to test and explore the slot machines before attempting to play real money mode, or before playing large bets. It’s now easier and fun to explore different slots and productions from suppliers because online casino operators offer no download and free demo play of slot machines. These test trials which you can do for fun can also serve as an educational tool which can help you explore the gameplay and the symbols that will deliver the winnings.
    Also, the no download free demo versions will give players a chance to approximate the payoff levels, and use the information to draw conclusions regarding the volatility of the games.
  3. Check forums, slot game reviews. Another tested approach is to tap into review sites, communities and forums online that can help you understand the details of the games. Here, you will find game reviews that will not only detail the payout rates but also the degree of dispersion and volatility of many games.

What to Do and What Games to Choose Next Time

Today, many casino players are often guided by casino game externals and parameters, from the design, theme, and graphics. Although there is nothing wrong in selecting a slot machine based on theme and graphics, keep in mind that these game elements will only have a say on your ‘slot entertainment value’, and not on the potential of winning prizes and casino jackpot. For some informed casino customers, they take the extra step by learning more about the Return to Player (RTP) percentage of the game, which is a great strategy to start. Unfortunately, simply knowing about the RTP, and ignoring the frequency of winnings, losses and ‘dispersion’ of results cannot promise a memorable and profitable casino experience. This is where an understanding of dispersion of winnings in slots come into the picture.

So what should you play- low or high dispersion slots?

There’s no solid rule to follow when it comes to choosing the right games to play, based on dispersion qualities. In the end, it depends on personal preferences and approaches to playing slots. If you are a risk-taker and would want to explore massive winnings one of these days, then the slot titles with higher dispersion rate are clear favorites. But if you are just online to have some fun with lower risks, the low to medium dispersion games are waiting to be discovered.

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