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Slots is a favorite game for many players in the UK and many other countries all over the world. It is very simple and does not involve any complicated game plays. This makes it very popular among all types of players, and perhaps even the casinos tend to enjoy offering these games to their clients. The advancement of technology has made them more stylish and fancy. Video and 3D slots are offering a realistic, real and intriguing gaming experience which is worthwhile.

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There are many slot titles, and more are being created everyday by some of the most reputable software developers in the industry. They come with excellent sound effects and perfectly designed symbols that enable players to enjoy their gambling experiences. The old themed slot machines are continuously being replaced with new modernized ones. The developers are also attempting to create more intriguing game plays that will excite the newbies and the experts alike.

Types of Slots in Online Casinos

There are many types of slot machines found in online casinos. They can be played through the apps or no download through the browsers. None of them can be completely faced out because they all have their own players. They include:

  • 3 reeled slots
  • 5 reeled slots
  • Progressive slots
  • Video slots

The three reeled slot machines make up the older version, but it is still widely played all over the world. The modern five reeled games are currently the most played and most developers are focusing on them. Most of them have 20 or twenty five bet lines, and players can activate the desired number of pay lines. The progressive slot machines have massive jackpots that keep on increasing as more people lose. The pool of funds can be obtained from a single machine, all machines in a single house or all machines in a certain jurisdiction.

The video slots are the modern slot machines with excellent graphics and features, exciting sounds and themes. They are normally based on various movies, superheroes, TV shows, history, mystic features and great artworks. These ones use sophisticated technology to provide an exciting experience. The players get a unique opportunity of interacting with their favorite theme characters in a special way while making real money.

Slot machines can also be further classified as low, medium or high variance games. The low variance games have good regular wins, but the jackpot is not big. The medium variance games, on the other hand, have a relatively large jackpot while the high variance slots have the largest jackpots and moderate regular wins. It is essential to know the type of game you are playing so as to know what to look forward to.

Another factor to consider while playing slot games is the return to player percentage. This basically shows you how generous a slot game is. For instance, a 94% RTP means that the casino takes in 6% of the wagers and gives out 94%. However, this is an average value obtained after a long time hence cannot show a very direct impression.

Top 5 Tips to Win More

Betting at a maximum in slot machines can be very expensive, and most players may not afford to. But, does this mean that their fate of winning is sealed? Definitely not, players can win big without necessarily playing at the maximum wager. Here are the top 5 ways of doing so:

Play low variance slots

The low variance slots have moderate jackpots hence giving you an opportunity to concentrate on the regular payouts. These payouts are significant and can lead to sizeable gains at the end of the day. You should choose the type of slot to play depending on your bankroll. If you cannot afford to go for the big jackpots, then the low variance slots are highly recommended.

Play the slots with the best bonus features

The bonus rounds lead to free spins and multipliers which can lead to massive wins. They can enable you to increase your money value from even a penny to a sizeable amount of money. The only caution is to check whether players can activate the bonus rounds even when not playing at the maximum. This is the importance of reading about the slot or playing the free games for fun.

Also, you should take advantage of bonuses such as the free spins, no deposit bonuses, and the deposit bonuses. They could be given as welcome bonuses or loyalty bonuses. You should play as many rounds as possible in order to increase your chances of making several regular payouts hence it is important to use your bonuses wisely. The best bonuses should be large and should have excellent terms and conditions that will enable you to cash out easily. The main condition to consider is the wagering requirement because it determines the possibility of cashing out.

Keep the video slots away

Video slot machines have excellent sounds and graphics which offer an interactive game play which makes gambling more exciting. However, they take longer to load the winning symbols and this lag time could have been used to make a few more spins in the classic slots. The casinos take advantage of this factor to decrease the winning probabilities of the players. This decrease could be as low 5% or so, but this is quite significant when it comes to slot games.

Play the slots that offer the same prize potential regardless of the wagered amount

This is a classic feature that is offered by some of the best slot titles. They have huge jackpots, and all players stand a chance of walking away with them regardless of the amount they bet. The difference here is that the higher the amount wagered, the higher the chances of winning the jackpot. Also, the bonus feature is not limited to a certain bet line hence players must not activate all of them. It is totally random hence any player can win. Mega Moolah is one of the slots that work with these terms.

Go for the fixed jackpot slots

The fixed jackpot slots are normally lower than the progressive jackpots hence players are able to concentrate on the regular wins also. These fixed jackpot slots tend to award wins more frequently than the progressive slots. The aim of the house is to make profits hence it has to make more money before it can award the jackpot. This, in turn, decreases the frequency of wins for all the games. Cashing out without wagering at the maximum depends on getting several moderate wins which can eventually be quite big. If your chances of making wins are lower, it becomes difficult to make any gains.

Slot games require players to win severally in order to make sizeable gains. This is the best strategy, and it tends to work perfectly for most players. However, it is often impossible to do it while betting the maximum because of the cost implications. The best way out of this is to play without betting the max and still stand a chance to walk out of the casino a winner. These five tips are excellent ways to cash out on slots without betting the maximum. You can try them out and experience effective, low cost gambling.

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